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Kadam Adam: Inspirational meditation teacher returns to Limerick

Kadam Adam Starr: Inspirational Meditation Teacher is back with his newest workshop this October.

Kadam Adam: Inspirational meditation teacher returns to Limerick

Back on popular demand, Kadam Adam Starr is known to help people from all walks of life throughout Ireland to find lasting peace and happiness within.

The workshop: Healing the past, creating the future is aimed at discovering how to heal the past and create the future you want through understanding the laws of karma.

Talks & guided meditations will take place on Saturday, 20 October, 10:00 am to 1:30 pm at Your Yoga Centre, 1st Floor, Hook & Ladder, Corbally Road, Limerick.

Adam, who grew up in Baldoyle, Dublin, is no stranger to taking on new challenges and developing his potential. Thirty years ago this year, when he was 18, he left home for London. A former musician who played bass guitar and sang, he busked in Dublin and London in his earlier years.

Then he worked for seven years with Getty Images, the American stock photo agency, in London. His original role was in corporate development but he later became a director of the company. He loved his career but began thinking more and more of changing direction. This was fuelled by his interest in Buddhism and meditation.

Everyone wishes to be in control of their own destiny of their life. They simply want to be free from problems & suffering and feel confident, be happy and have a fulfilling life. Many of our fears and anxieties come from not feeling we have control over our own destiny.

At this meditation workshop, Kadam Adam will explain how understanding and living in accordance with the natural law of karma empowers anyone to change this.

Karma, which is the legacy of our past negativity, is not fixed and we can all become free from it. Through this workshop participants will discover as they purify their karma and heal their life. In this way, everyone can become the creators of their own reality. One can create a life filled with inner peace, happiness & freedom, from the inside-out.

The workshop is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience.

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