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Kumud Gogna Kumud Gogna


Teen-Turn awards Scholarship to Coláiste Nano Nagle student Kumud Gogna 

Kumud Gogna with career guidance counsellor Niall Lofus, principal Sinead Moloney and Teen-Turn Munster Projects Coordinator, Nicole Ryan. 

Teen-Turn awards Scholarship to Coláiste Nano Nagle student Kumud Gogna 

Teen-Turn is pleased to announce that Coláiste Nano Nagle Student and Teen-Turn alumna, Kumud Gogna, has been awarded one of the organisation’s Exceptional Scholarships.  

Teen-Turn will be supporting Kumud through her HPAT preparation course as she pursues securing a place in one of the country’s medical programmes. 


EU wide digital impact organisation of the year 2017, Teen-Turn provides girls from DEIS secondary schools hands-on STEM experience and female mentors from STEM careers through after-school and work experience programming in an effort to challenge social and gender exclusion. 

Teen-Turn works with girls to explore interests in STEM with the aim of helping girls progress onto third-level education and into careers as part of its “Junior Cert to Job” strategy. 

 Kumud Gogna

Teen Turn has awarded Colaiste Nano Nagle student Kumud Gogna with the Exceptional Scholarship Award. The Scholarship will help to support Kumud when she enters Medical School in the future. Picture: Gareth Williams / Press 22.

Companies in the Munster area with interest in the Exceptional Scholarship initiative or other Teen- Turn programming should contact the organisation directly. 

For 2019, Teen-Turn is launching an Exceptional Scholarship initiative, which awards small grants for further study opportunities and private tuition to girls who have participated in Teen-Turn activities. 

Teen-Turn aims to influence course decision-making processes, inform participants on education and career options, and combat stereotypes by strategically changing how girls from underrepresented communities identify with STEM career environments through summer work placements and after school activities. Teen-Turn is a fully volunteer-led organisation and a registered charity. 

More girls, from areas where third level education is uncommon, exploring and gaining an interest in technology has the potential to lead to more women earning technology qualifications, thus providing opportunities for participants to acquire job security and meeting a demand for skills that is currently outpacing supply and is necessary for economic competitiveness. 
As a result, Teen-Turn is positioned to develop a local talent pool of skilled young women and to create equality of opportunity in target areas, particularly in the context of a digital society. 

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