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Kupala Midsummer Night 2017 Kupala Midsummer Night 2017


Kupala Midsummer Night 2017 kicks off this Saturday

Kupala Midsummer Night 2017 hopes to be as good as last year’s event pictured above. Photo: Dolf Patijn

Kupala Midsummer Night 2017 kicks off this Saturday

The Kupala Midsummer Night 2017 will be taking place this Saturday, June 24 in Arthurs Quay Park. This year the Slavic inspirations group wish to invite you to the third edition of Kupula Night.

Slavic Inspiration Team has been working very hard for the past two years to bring to you an exciting and vibrant Midsummer Night celebration and this year’s event, full of singing, music, flowers, art, traditional food and craft based on ancient traditions, will be no different.


Kupala Night - Midsummer Night in Limerick Kupala Midsummer Night 2017

Pictured above the first edition of Kupala Midsummer Night celebrating Slavic tradition

Kupala Night also known as Midsummer night, after following its success last year will be enriching Limerick once again with Slavic culture. The organisers of the event are Kamila Turzynska, Ewa Kotula, Maria Wolska, Anna Hurkowska, Marcin Wijata and Nikola Kaluzynska.

Partners of the event are Family Bakery,,, MM Garage, Radio NearFM, Radio WNET, Archangel’s Blades and many more.

It’s a Slavic feast associated with the Summer Solstice, celebrated during the shortest night of the year, which accounts for approximately 21-22 of June. Kupala Night also contains some elements of German and Celtic traditions as well.

Kupala Night is a holiday that embraces joy, dance, and love, unites everybody through magic and nature. An old fable tells that during that night a magic fern blooms, and whoever finds it lives in happiness, love and abundance. That evening women braid wreaths to throw them into the water, each man fishes them out, and based on which one they get decides which girl was meant to be his.

Apart from Kupala Night artistic program, Kupala’s guests will be able to enjoy handicraft stands, taste traditional cuisine and take part in fantastic workshops for both children and adults.

Slavic Inspirations invites everybody to come and help combine different cultures and nationalities to bring joy and love to Limerick.

Last year’s Kupala program involved a vast amount of activities for the whole family to enjoy. These included family workshops like wreath making, clay modelling with Adam Sopata, fairy tales readings and traditional dolls making with The Children of Lore and Slavic yoga. There was a live concert with Quentin Cooper, Peter Parson and Jon O’Connell and Martin & Friends Band played. There was also an exciting fire performance. This year will be even better with Polish, Latvian, Irish, and many more artist performing this Saturday starting at 4 pm.

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