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Kyoto Sushi and Noodle Staff. Picture courtesy Kyoto Kyoto Sushi and Noodle Staff. Picture courtesy Kyoto


Kyoto Sushi & Noodle restaurant review

Kyoto Sushi & Noodle Staff. Picture courtesy The Limerick Post.
By ilovelimerick correspondent Cian Reinhardt.

Kyoto Sushi & Noodle opened its doors to the Limerick public on June 16 and has quickly gained a reputation, experiencing positive feedback from many of its visitors so ilovelimerick went along to experience the Kyoto Sushi & Noodle dining experience.

The new restaurant boasts a nice outdoor bamboo seating area with a stonework wall for those wanting to enjoy their lunch or evening meal looking over one of the beautiful Shannon estuaries. When you first enter the cozy dining area you notice the modern low lighting with Japanese inspired decor. Although it has a small seating area, this restaurant packs a punch of flavours and fantastic service that is worth making the reservation.

The menu consists of traditional and signature sushi, wok dishes and bites such as Gyoza (dumplings), tempura and skewers, which suit for an evening meal or a lunchtime visit. We were seated and presented with our menus, not long after our waitress, Caoimhe, brought us complimentary Japanese green tea which was refilled throughout the evening, it was a nice touch and helped with cleansing the palate when experiencing the tastes the Kyoto dishes had to offer.


Duck Gyoza, our bites to accompany the meal. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick

We ordered a portion of pan-fried Duck Gyoza, Chicken teriyaki soba noodles and a ‘Rainbow Roll’ from the signature sushi section.

The Gyoza arrived, shredded duck in a soft package of shallow-fried dough, these bites went down a treat.

My Rainbow Roll; a crab and cucumber sushi roll topped with Salmon, Tuna, Ika (squid) and Hokkigai (clam). The first thing you notice about any dish brought to your table is the presentation, Chef David is an artist in producing both beautiful looking and tasting dishes. The row of Sushi looks like a small landscape, a zen garden on a platter with liquid smoke pouring around the plate. When I took my first taste, I immediately noticed this was crab meat, not the usual processed crab sticks like in restaurants I have eaten in previously. The presentation is not compensating for anything, as I could not fault this dish, the sushi was a nice cold temperature and the variety of fish complimented the crab rolls spectacularly.

Kyoto Sushi & Noodle Rainbow Roll

Kyoto Sushi & Noodle Rainbow Roll. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.


 The Chicken Teriyaki Soba; grilled chicken served in teriyaki sauce wit a bed of noodles with mixed vegetables. The chicken was cooked perfectly, grilling usually dries out meat, but the chicken and sauce combination makes a tantalisingly juicy main dish. The combination of vegetables in the noodle work well; courgettes, peppers and onion provide an appetising taste that doesn’t overpower the chicken when combined.

 With the busy environment, you would expect the service to falter with the pressure on the staff; but this was not the case, our server, Caoimhe was polite and friendly throughout the evening and made our dining experience very enjoyable. Ryan, a manager, could be seen throughout the evening checking in on a number of tables and was more than happy to help with explaining dishes and answering any questions about the menu.

Eating in Kyoto Sushi & Noodles, they also have an amazing lunch menu with fantastic options all priced at €8.99 each.  My friend recently brought his two young children there and he was concerned about what they were going to eat, but the kitchen made them both breaded chicken breast over rice and they really enjoyed it. Kyoto is special. The nice portions and locally sourced food make this dining experience well worth the price. We will be visiting Kyoto again, and hopefully often.

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Pictures by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.

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