Almost 250 learners receive awards for LCFE Graduation 2018

LCFE Graduation 2018

LCFE Graduation 2018: George O’Callaghan CEO Limerick and Clare ETB, Cliona O’Kelly Deputy Principal, Pat Maunsell Principal, John Lonergan Guest Speaker, Eileen O’Callaghan Deputy Principal, Enda Finn Deputy Principal

Almost 250 learners receive awards for LCFE Graduation 2018

Limerick College of Further Education (LCFE) held its annual graduation at the Limerick Strand Hotel on Thursday, 25 October. Almost 250 learners received awards in various disciplines. The event was attended by a large audience of over 600 guests and graduates.

The ceremony saw graduates across the variety of Schools and programmes offered at LCFE, come together to celebrate their achievements.

In his address to the audience, Principal of LCFE, Pat Maunsell, drew attention to the graduates’ work and effort, “Today is the highlight of our academic year because it honors and celebrates your achievements.  We are all proud of the fact that you have gained your award with us and are moving on with your lives.”

Remaining continuously open to new experiences and information, and staying attuned to your inner voice were also central themes of this address to graduates by Mr. Maunsell he said: “We live in a fast-paced, global environment today and no doubt the future will present challenges for you as it does for us all.  I advise you to continue your education and up-skill when required to prepare you for the many career shifts you may encounter over your working lives.  As you know well, education is a lifelong process and does not end today.  There are so many opportunities today to continue your education – choose one which best suits your circumstances.”

This message was reiterated by Mr. George O’Callaghan, CEO of Limerick and Clare ETB who stated: “The one constant in life is change.” 

Guest speaker Mr. John Lonergan also spoke of the ever-changing nature of today’s world and the need to remain open to new opportunities and have the confidence to seize those opportunities as they arise.

The Further Education and Training landscape has greatly changed in recent times with the establishment of the ETB’s, SOLAS and QQI and other related developments. LCFE is expanding and responding to these changes and to the needs of the market.  Further Education is now a real, valid and valued option for students considering their future and LCFE is the College to consider in the Mid-West region.

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LCFE Graduation 2018

LCFE Graduation 2018

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