PHOTOS LCFE Intercultural Day 2016

LCFE Intercultural Day 2016

Pictured above from far-right is Professional Cookery Level 5 Instructor, Michael J. Hogan with some of his professional cookery students at the LCFE Intercultural Day 2016.

The seventh annual Limerick College of Further Education, LCFE Intercultural Day 2016 took place Thursday, November 24, 2016 from 10am-5pm and it played host to celebrate the 37 different cultures which are intertwined in LCFE.

The aim of the day was to allow people to learn about different cultures and all come together to celebrate their differences and uniqueness. There was special emphasis on Ireland, Canada, Belgium and India to name a few.

As I walked down the corridor making my way to the main hall where Intercultural day was on, the vibration of the live music has already hit my feet and the echoes of conversations reel me closer to the main stage in anticipation.

LCFE Intercultural Day 2016

Upon entering the room, all my senses were heightened. The bright colors from stalls as individuals wore their traditional clothing of their country, the aroma of the beautiful foods dispersed around the room along with the lively atmosphere of the packed room and live music completed the recipe for a fun-filled day.

The first stall that caught my eye was none other than the Irish stall. The stall consisted of some culinary students who are doing a QQI level 5 in Roxboro Hospitality and Training Centre and the food they prepared.

“We have put the traditional bacon and cabbage dinner in a pie with your normal white sauce. Then we have Irish smoked salmon on homemade brown Guinness bread. We put our Christmas cake out there as well with homemade scones. We also have black pudding wrapped in smoked bacon, so everything is all rounded Irish themed done by a professional cookery course that’s here in the college,” explained Michael J. Hogan, Professional Cookery Level 5 Instructor at LCFE.

LCFE Intercultural Day 2016Mr. Hogan continued to say, “Society has changed there are more different cultures coming into to everybody’s country and it’s about time we go to know each other, mingle and there should be more of it.”

Numerous acts played on the day, from rap to traditional Irish music to a DJ playing live sets and even a magician there was sure to be something to take your interest. Peter Kowalski, an LCFE student studying Biology expressed just how beneficial the LCFE Intercultural day is, “I met some new friends and got to learn about new cultures, it was really fun and interesting.”

Each stall was fundraising for a different cause; a popular one among most stalls seemed to be for a Palestinian girls school.

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Louise Kennedy.

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