Please support Limerick woman Leeanne Bennett as she battles Advanced Lung Cancer 

Leeanne Bennett

Please support Limerick woman Leeanne Bennett as she battles Advanced Lung Cancer 

By ilovelimerick correspondent Frances Watkins

A fundraising Just Giving page has been set up to help raise money for Leeanne Bennett who has recently been diagnosed with Advanced Lung Cancer. As you know this is the worst news that anyone could possibly receive but it is particularly bad as she is in Canada over 5,000 miles away from home, you can donate to the page here.

This is devastating for Leeanne but she is a fighter and has vowed to beat it. She will need your help though. Leeanne is currently living in Toronto, Canada on a 2-year visa. She is in one of the best hospitals and Cancer units in North America and while most of the treatment is covered by the Canadian healthcare system some of the more specific types of radiation, chemotherapy, and medication she needs to treat the lung cancer are not and are very expensive. To ensure that she gets the treatment she needs she will need your help.

Leeanne is 27 and from Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick. Having lost both her parents at a young age Leeanne has always remained a strong and independent young lady, capable of standing on her own two feet but this is proving to be an obstacle too high for her to overcome on her own, which is why her loved ones are asking for your help. Leeanne has four sisters who are worried sick and are currently making plans to travel out to be with her as she undergoes treatment, but this isn’t easy as the flights are expensive.

She will now be out of work for the foreseeable future while receiving treatment and they hope to raise enough to cover her rent and bills until she gets back on her feet.

She is very sick and miles away from home. We ask you to please help in any way possible and even if you are unable to donate, simply sharing the page will be a great help.

To donate to the Just Giving page set up for Leeanne Bennett click here

For more on fundraising in Limerick click here


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