Lebanese Please

Thomas Street has added to its culinary choices with the opening of a new Lebanese restaurant, Me Jana and as the familiar saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ Open for lunch, as well as dinner, and including Sundays, the friendly staff and extensive range on the menu will suit everyone. The style in this restaurant is to order a variety of plates which all contain a small amount of food, to share. The food is served both hot and cold, more choices and variety. This style of eating is very social and enjoyable. This restaurant is particularly good for vegetarians, as the menu has many options for our animal loving friends. In addition to all this, they also serve cocktails, so the next time you are debating, ‘Indian or Chinese?’ for a night out, add the new dimension to the preference, by suggesting, ‘Lebanese please.’

For bookings, full menu and more, please visit their website

Writer’s choice, hummus with bread and pastry parcels.

Lebanese Please

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