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LEDP Ukraine Bus Trip LEDP Ukraine Bus Trip


LEDP Ukraine Bus Trip to West Clare Brings Respite to Limerick-based Refugees



LEDP Ukraine Bus Trip from the Limerick Radisson Hotel to the West Coast of County Clare was a memorable day out, and welcome distraction, for the Ukrainian Refugees who have little opportunity to explore life outside the hotel. Picture: Keith Wiseman.

LEDP Provides Ongoing Support Through Doras

LEDP Ukraine Bus Trip
Limerick artist Una Heaton (pictured on right) has been working with the refugees on various art project the last few months. Picture: Keith Wiseman.

Over 100 Ukrainian Refugees, currently residing at the Radisson Hotel, were treated to special day’s excursion around West Clare thanks to funding provided by Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP).

LEDP extended its community funding to support a memorable day out, and welcome distraction, for the Ukrainian Refugees who have little opportunity to explore life outside the hotel. Through its benevolence programme, Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) already provides funding to Limerick based NGO, Doras, to support its Refugee & Migrant Outreach Clinic. 


The LEDP Ukraine Bus Trip for refugees included a visit to some of the region’s best known attractions, including the Cliffs of Moher, Ailwee Caves, and the Burren.  Organiser of the tour, artist Una Heaton, said “This day would not have been possible to organise without the generosity of LEDP. It was a special day filled with laughter and joy, an emotional time for a proud people but a day to feel normal once again.” 

Both as a catalyst and through direct intervention, LEDP supports the activities of its partners to help people to help themselves, supporting impactful initiatives to improve community life across Limerick. 

Niall O’Callaghan, Chief Executive, LEDP, commented “We were delighted to support this trip and bring some enjoyment to the lives of those who are living under constant worry and uncertainty. These people are far away from home and family, so today was an opportunity for LEDP to support a temporary return to normality for the many children and parents based at the Radisson. This builds further on our existing partnerships where we’re helping support those most vulnerable in our community. The three-year funding programme we have put in place with Doras is another project we are supporting to enable the integration of migrants into Limerick life.”

John Lannon, CEO, Doras, said “Doras are grateful for the support of the LEDP for our work engaging with, supporting and empowering migrant communities in Limerick. Through outreach work in these communities we provide information on rights and entitlements, and make referrals to other support organisations and agencies. Another vital component of the work is follow up on individual cases across a wide range of areas including immigration, social welfare, access to employment and health. This helps address the social exclusion of individuals and communities that are marginalised.” 

Doras is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation working to promote and protect the rights of people from a migrant background in Ireland. Core areas of work include; Direct Support, Advocacy & Campaigns and Integration Planning. 

Through its strategy ‘20 Outcomes by 2026’, LEDP has made an asserted commitment to continuing to make a meaningful impact with the community at the heart of everything it does. For social inclusion, for pathways to opportunities and for sustainable futures. 

About Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) 

Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) is now 22 years in existence and emerged from the ashes of the devastating closure of the Krups factory in 1998 with the loss of over 550 jobs. As a unique charity funded by its commercial property, LEDP has in that time successfully contributed to the social fabric of Limerick City South through job creation, training and education and is a key stimulator for enterprise development and regeneration.  

There are now 35 enterprises and 1,000 jobs on site at Roxboro with over €70M invested there since 2001. The new ‘Innovation Hub’ boasts a state-of-the-art training and education facility, and working closely with key education, industry and otherstakeholders in the region, will continue to act as a beacon for future job creation.  

As well as accommodating charities, state agencies and commercial tenants in the LEDP building, LEDP runs the Family Tree Crèche in Roxboro which it built in 2005, and owns the Markets Field Stadium in Garryowen, which it redeveloped to a UEFA Category Two Stadium.  

LEDP has been synonymous with the ongoing transformation of Limerick supporting community projects and bespoke initiatives and is a co-signature of the Limerick Charter: Commitment to Cohesion and Convergence. 

LEDP’s strategic plan can be downloaded HERE

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