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New LEO Limerick Management Development Programme offers exciting support for established businesses



LEO Limerick Management Development Programme – renowned business mentor Blaise Brosnan, pictured above, will be facilitating the programme.

New LEO Limerick Management Development Programme offers exciting support for established businesses

LEO Limerick Management Development

The 15-week long programme aims to combine training and mentoring in general management, HR, management-level finance and sales management.

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Limerick is offering an exciting new support for established businesses in Limerick this February.




The LEO Limerick Management Development Programme (MDP) is facilitated by renowned business mentor Blaise Brosnan and is a different kind of training programme combining training and mentoring. Core modules include best practice in general management, HR, management-level finance and sales management.

The programme was piloted last year with the LINC engineering network and received excellent feedback from participants, most stating that it is the best thing they ever did for their business.

The LEO Limerick Management Development Programme is restricted to the owner-managers of established and growing businesses to maximise the benefits and opportunities in the economy.

Running over a 15-week period starting February 9, it starts at 7.30 am so owners can go straight to the programme before they get caught up in the day’s business.

Mike Cantwell Head of LEO Limerick said “This is our most comprehensive offering for SMEs in Limerick – Blaise is skilled in ensuring companies are stabilised, ready for growth and increased competitiveness. Many owner-managers have worked hard through the last two years and this is an opportunity to take stock and set new goals.”

“There is an appetite to get out and meet other owner-managers who share the same challenges despite being in different sectors. We invited Blaise to speak at our Reignite conference in November and had outstanding feedback from our local businesses about his practical advice to always watch the bottom line. I was very struck by his advice to ‘Come outside and look inside’ to ensure businesses can see exactly what the customer sees and adapt to fulfil their needs, which is more relevant than ever in the cycle of economic change.”

Blaise Brosnan has a unique blend of practical top management experience gained over 25 years in his capacity as Chief Executive of a well-known National Irish business and later as business mentor to a range of Irish business types. Blaise has also worked closely with many major international companies all over the world, to successfully implement business interventions and strategic growth programs, guiding these businesses through the many phases of change to successful outcomes and significant growth in business and profitability.

Blaise brings his wealth of practical and theoretical business experience to each of his roles – as entrepreneur, business director, business consultant and coach.

Blaise’s books – You are the Limiting Factor, Jack and I Dare You are hands-on, practical guide books for life and business and are a distillation of the years of Blaise’s knowledge, experience and lessons learned through life and business. This series of books is a ‘blueprint’ of practical, hands-on advice and tools that have helped readers to achieve their goals and soar to their highest potential.

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