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Limerick and Quimper Rugby events to be organised by twinning committee   Limerick and Quimper Rugby events to be organised by twinning committee  


Limerick and Quimper Rugby events to be organised by twinning committee  



Limerick and Quimper Rugby – Loïc Guyon, Honorary Consul of France, Jean-Hervé Lacroix, Quimper’s Under-16/18 leader, Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon, Deputy Mayor of Limerick, Mike McInerney, Shannon RFC, Jean-Paul Mongeat, President of the Quimper rugby club, Jim Gibson, Garryowen FC and Tady Walsh, Quimper Rugby Club’s Communication Officer.

Quimper Rugby Club hopes to foster lasting connections with Limerick-based rugby clubs

Jean-Hervé Lacroix, Mark Keating, Sarsfields RFC, Gearoíd Folan, Sarsfields RFC, Loïc Guyon, Jean-Paul Mongeat, Tady Walsh, and Mark Ryan.

The Honorary Consul of France, Dr Loïc Guyon, welcomed a delegation from the Quimper Rugby Club at Shannon Airport. Quimper Rugby Club’s Chairperson Jean-Paul Mongeat, accompanied by Jean-Hervé Lacroix de Mangeval (in charge of Quimper’s Under-16/18) and Tady Walsh (Limerick-born International Referee and Quimper Rugby Club’s Communication Officer) travelled to Limerick to discuss a range of potential Limerick and Quimper rugby related events which could be organised in the near future as part of the 41-year-old twinning between the two cities.

Upon his arrival in Limerick, Mr Mongeat declared, “Quimper Rugby Club hopes to foster lasting connections with Limerick-based rugby clubs with the goal of creating exchanges through multiple avenues: back and forth participation in tournaments hosted in both Limerick and Quimper, and playing exchanges between rugby players of both cities in France or Ireland. This first visit will allow us to make initial contact and introductions with Limerick clubs and to share ideas for both cities in the future.”




Last Friday evening, the Honorary Consul of France and the three representatives from the Rugby Club Quimpérois attended the match between Garryowen FC and Shannon RFC at Thomond Park before meeting over dinner with representatives from the two local rugby clubs. A formal invitation was made to the two Limerick clubs by the Quimper Rugby Club to participate in next April’s 18th edition of the Tournoi International de Cornouaille which gathers young rugby players from various nationalities in Quimper every year.

During their visit, the representatives of the Rugby Club also met with Senator Maria Byrne and Deputy Mayor Kieran O’Hanlon, as well as with members of the recently created Limerick-Quimper Twinning Committee and with Gearoíd Folan, Mark Ryan and Mark Keating, members of the Sarsfields RFC committee.

Dr Guyon said, “Over the past two years, I have been working actively with the LCCC, the Quimper City Council and with several volunteers to revive the once-dynamic twinning. The visit by representatives from the Quimper Rugby Club is only the first of a series of exchanges which will see events organised between the two cities in the fields of sport, music, education, and culture in the near future. I wish to thank our three visitors from Quimper for taking the time to travel to Limerick and for their great sense of initiative. I also wish to thank local residents Laetitia André, Peadar Clancy, Fearghal Naughton and Máirtín Ó Briain for accepting to form a Twinning Committee and lead the way in organising future events.”

A special rugby event will be held during the 2023 edition of the Limerick Bastille Day Wild Geese Festival.

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