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Please help support the amazing Limerick Autism Camps

Please help support the amazing Limerick Autism Camps

By ilovelimerick correspondent Frances Watkins

Limerick Autism Camps are raising money to fund an autism-specific project. Children with autism cannot attend regular camps due to their disability, therefore, these camps are wonderful opportunities for them. Limerick Autism Camps have developed a socially inclusive camp for children on the autism spectrum. They are currently catering for 100 children but would love to fund their own premises as they currently rely on the goodwill of companies in Limerick for which they are extremely thankful. There is a large number of children with autism who would love to take part in these camps but unfortunately, they can’t take as many as they would like to. Please help Limerick Autism Camps develop a socially inclusive camp for children with autism to have fun, learn skills and be themselves. You can donate to the donation page here.

Through these camps, children are developing social skills as well as being encouraged to get involved in sport, sensory games, art therapy, and music.

The camp was set up by parents who all have children who are on the Autism spectrum. The summer camp featured activities such as sport, cooking, music therapy, boxing, martial arts among many others.

The aim is to run a camp during times when schools are on a break like Halloween, Christmas and Summer holidays for children on the spectrum. One of the parents running the camp, Caroline Hogan spoke to ilovelimerick about why they set up the camp “We wanted to provide all children with a safe and secure environment where they can be themselves, free from discrimination and judgment and just have fun!”.

The Halloween camp featured activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music along with a few treats and surprises. The Bumbalance, a special ambulance dedicated to children, was also at the camp and features sensory features. There was a sensory room set up at the camp so that if a child needed a break they could go to the sensory room.

Autism is a neurological difference that restricts children with the condition from making friends and developing the social skills that are required to make friends 

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