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Limerick blogger Aoibhinn Fitzgerald Limerick blogger Aoibhinn Fitzgerald


Limerick blogger Aoibhinn Fitzgerald talks all things pretty and pearly



Limerick blogger Aoibhinn Fitzgerald is delighted to say that her personal blog prettiesandpearls and made the short list for the littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016.

Blogging in Limerick is certainly on the rise and so are the weekly readers, snapchat followers and Facebook likes for Pretties and Pearls. Pretties and Pearls is a blog run by 21 year old Aoibhinn Fitzgerald. Limerick blogger Aoibhinn Fitzgerald covers topics such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel. Aoibhinns blog was established just two months ago and within these 2 months she has managed to gain more than 2500 likes on her Facebook page and meet major Irish fashion and beauty personalities such as Marissa Carter – the entrepreneur queen of Cocoa Brown tan. 

While being an enthusiast of all things beauty and fashion related I couldn’t help but admire the tone of enthusiasm in Aoibhinns voice as she spoke about her daughter Isabelle. Aoibhinn put her college life at The University of Limerick studying Irish Music and Dance on standby after 3rd year to give her undivided attention and support to Isabelle. Having her baby even slightly inspired her to begin her blog and curate posts for pregnancy fashion and travelling while expecting which definitely fills the maternity gap in the blogging world.

Limeick blogger Aoibhinn Fitzgerald



When I asked Aoibhinn about her target audience she simply replied with “it’s honestly a blog for everyone I don’t want to put an age on my readers it’s just my life, but expanded”. This can’t be denied as scrolling through her content you are met with posts about travelling the world, what’s in her makeup bag and even mummy and maternity must haves! Aoibhinn really focuses on the honest and genuine aspect of her blog by keeping her posts as sincere, fresh and relatable as possible. Aoibhinn started her blog out of looking for a fun exciting hobby to take up while baby Isabelle was sleeping and also while her college assignments were at a standstill. She urges that blogging still is just as exciting to her as it was when she initially started and puts just as much passion and enjoyment into her posts now as she always has done.


When I asked Aoibhinn what is the highlight about putting yourself out in the public and opening yourself up to online criticism as a blogger she told me “It’s definitely the little messages that people send me to thank me for my posts.


“You can’t force people to send you a message, people do that out of their hearts.” In the next 6-12 months Aoibhinn hopes to go from strength to strength with her blog and after ranking 2500 likes on Facebook she only hopes this growth will continue. Aoibhinn is also excitied to dip her freshly manicured toes (as every blogger must have) in the Youtube world and we definitely can’t wait to see that!


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