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Limerick Business Review - Fox and Bow Hair Boutique Limerick Business Review - Fox and Bow Hair Boutique


Limerick Business Review – Fox and Bow Hair Boutique



Caren Cullen, owner of Fox and Bow hair boutique with her husband Kenneth, Michelle Hogan and Richard Lynch. Article by I Love Limerick Correspondent Michelle Hogan. Photos by Richard Lynch.

Fox and bow shop front

The shop front of the very stylish Fox and Bow salon on Patrick Street, Limerick City.

Having spent over 30 minutes brushing knots out of the dry ends of my hair on a cloudy Thursday morning, I can honestly say I was the best candidate for miles around to spend an afternoon in one of Limerick’s leading hair boutiques; Fox and Bow.

Situated on Patrick Street in Limerick city centre, this stylish and sophisticated salon is easily accessible from all areas of Limerick. With a warm greeting as I walked through the door, one of the first things I noticed was an artistic chalk board with the salons Instagram name (@foxandbow) written on it with a friendly “follow us”.




Maybe it is my media hungry side talking but I appreciate a business that has a strong online presence. It adds to a modern, energetic atmosphere and the opportunity to go online and have a peek at their best bits. It also shows that this salon takes enough interest in its clients to host a place for online engagements, questions, comments, reviews and feedback which is always a bonus.It had been two years since I last stepped foot inside a hair salon. Needless to say when I told Caren Cullen, the owner of this new generation salon, she was no doubt at first a little shocked but soon recovered and convinced me into a trim.

Limerick Business Review - Fox and Bow Hair Boutique

Super chic and stylish interior of Fox and Bow salon.

We all dread the hairdressers idea of a trim as we never quite know what we are going to get, but I had to let this one out of my hands, my hair had grown out of control and needed some TLC.
Luckily for me that TLC was found in Caren’s trusted hands and an hour later I was now the proud own of shiny, sleek, healthy hair. Hair that had always been there but I didn’t know how to handle.

Having chatted with Caren and to other friendly staff members throughout my visit, I became reassured and really interested in my hair. I’m not the kind of person to use treatments or special products but after my appointment I felt more educated not only about hair products but the reasons behind why people actually use them.

Everyone’s hair is different and it was just the ends of my hair that had been destroyed from years of colour and heat so Caren was able to advise me on which treatment suited my type of hair and all members of staff can do the same for you. There are even treatments available for severely damaged hair and they work like a course of antibiotics, who knew?

Limerick Business Review - Fox and Bow Hair Boutique

The final result following a Kerastase treatment, cut and wavy blowdry by Caren Cullen. Picture by Richard Lynch.

This experience has opened up a whole new world to me in the line of hair care and styling, after just one visit to Fox and Bow I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks again. Caren cut my hair in a way that suits the shape of my face when I let it fall naturally. This means I no longer have to rely on heat to give shape to my hair. This was a huge revelation for me and something I have always wanted a hairdresser to do for me! These people are passionate about hair and about their customers, I entered that salon fed up with my dull and dead hair and left with a whole new outlook.
This is what makes Fox and Bow so special; they educate you, treat you, and make you feel at home; a more luxurious and relaxed home.
They helped me to realise that hair care can be as simple or as complicated as I want it to be and that I could do as much or as little about it as I liked. At the end of the day it was my hair but they advised me, cared for me, educated me and I left with a fresh perspective. If you are stuck in a rut with your hair, if it is something you just wish you had more time to care about, if your hair just isn’t your friend – make an appointment at Fox and Bow and allow them to take control and teach you how to handle things yourself.

According to the Fox and Bow website: “We sell ourselves on what you come away with from Fox and Bow. The experience, the chat and the feeling that we will look after you and all in the name of hair styling. We want you to pay for worth and we hope to live up to every penny spent on making you feel like the beautiful person you are.” The experience, the knowledge and the feeling you get knowing that your hair is on a road to recovery after just one visit is well worth every penny.

The treatment I can’t wait to go back and try: “‘Perfect Hair’ is now a luxury you can afford. Introducing BTX Hair treatment, imagine what it would be like to have beautifully soft, perfectly conditioned hair with a gorgeous glossy shine every day? Look no further, the complete 45 minute hair makeover. The ‘Botox’ for hair, containing a powerful blend of caviar oil, collagen vitamins B & E, the innovative in-salon service is suitable for all hair types, using heat infusion to nourish the cuticle, repair split ends and deliver luminous shine for up to six washes. Give your hair the ‘wow factor’. The Complete 45 minute luxurious treatment costs €40.00.”

Fox and Bow also cater for brides and go out of their way to provide a personal experience: “For brides to be on your big day, the hours leading up to your big day can be the most exciting and exhilarating time, when all goes to plan. Our stylists at fox and bow understand your need for a professional service to let on you sit back and relax on one of the biggest mornings of your life.”

As hair salon’s go, Fox and Bow certainly qualifies as a ‘hair boutique’ for their level of knowledge, care and the experience you have while sitting in their talented hands. Take it from me; my hair no longer takes 30 minutes to brush and I just booked my next appointment!

More information about prices, colours, treatments and cuts can be found on the Fox and Bow website here.

Follow Fox and Bow on Twiter and Facebook here and here.

Follow ILoveLimerick And Fox and Bow onInstagram here and here.



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