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Limerick Charity Lets Fund It Donates 300 Goodie Bags to UHLs Children's Ark Limerick Charity Lets Fund It Donates 300 Goodie Bags to UHLs Children's Ark


Limerick Charity Lets Fund It Donates 300 Goodie Bags to UHLs Children’s Ark



Limerick Charity Lets Fund It also donated to UHL Childrens Ark last year. Orlaith and Kris from UHL Children’s Ark pictured above

Limerick charity Lets Fund It hopes to make this an annual donation to the Children’s Ark paediatric unit 

limerick charity lets fund it
Lets Fund It – Pictured above are David Walsh, Stephen Ryan-Doyle and Adam Kinsella

One of Limerick’s newest charities, Let’s Fund It, has donated 300 goodie bags to the Children’s Ark paediatric unit at University Hospital Limerick.

The goodie bags were put together by the team of volunteers behind the charity. The donation is made up of a mixture of sweet treat bags and toy bags! The goodie bags were fully funded by donations to the charity.

Let’s Fund It made a similar donation last year of 200 goodie bags; however the newly registered charity has been able to increase its donation to 300 goodie bags thanks to support from donors throughout 2022. The larger donation of goodie bags will ensure that the Children’s Ark have a gift for every child over the Christmas period. In addition, staff at the paediatric unit hope to distribute some of the goodie bags to children attending A&E on Christmas Eve.


Limerick charity Lets Fund It hopes to make this an annual donation to the Children’s Ark paediatric unit. The volunteer-led charity has built a fantastic relationship with the staff of the paediatric unit, and it is certain that the donation to the unit will support the children attending hospital over the Christmas period. Let’s Fund It has previously made donations of toys, stationery, and art & craft supplies to the Children’s Ark.

The Limerick-based charity has had a busy year which has seen it donate just under €10,000 worth of equipment to Irish charities. Recently, Let’s Fund It purchased important equipment for fellow Limerick based charities Rape Crisis Midwest, ADAPT, Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention, Deel Animal Rescue, Novas Ireland, Haven Hub and Limerick Mental Health Association.

Let’s Fund It is a volunteer-run charity that uses donated funds to purchase goods and services on behalf of Irish charities. The goods and services purchased go directly to benefit the services-users of the charity supported. The charity’s aim is to be fully transparent on how donations are spent and distributed to each charity. Each donation is posted on social media and on the Let’s Fund It website.

The charity was founded by a group of friends from Limerick. The inspiration for ‘Let’s Fund It’ came from a desire by these friends to support Irish charities and charity service-users in a practical and transparent way. In 2019, the group of friends began putting a portion of their monthly income into a bank account and allowing it to build up. As the funds accumulated, Let’s Fund It would simply reach out to charities to see how they could help. As word of their charitable efforts grew, the group started receiving donations. This encouraged them to apply for charity status and as of May 2021, Let’s Fund It is now a fully registered charity.

Since registration in 2021, the new charity has launched their own website ( and social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. These platforms help Let’s Fund It commit to transparency by allowing them to showcase their donations and outline how funds were spent.

“Our donation of goodie bags to the Children’s Ark paediatric unit is very important to everyone at Let’s Fund It and our donors. This donation is our way letting all the children attending the ward and the staff know that we are thinking of them. We hope our small contribution will help spread some Christmas spirit,” said Let’s Fund It  Chairperson Stephen Ryan-Doyle

“We’ve built a good relationship with the staff of the Children’s Ark paediatric unit. We hope to make regular donations of equipment and supplies to help the staff continue their amazing work.”

“Let’s Fund It is proud to support the children attending UHL’s Children Ark. Hospitals can be a scary and nerve-wracking place for children so we hope that our donation of 300 goodie bags filled with treats and toys will put a smile on the faces of many children over the Christmas season” added Let’s Fund It Secretary David Walsh.

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