Limerick Civic Trust Carrol Collection Re-Opens to the Public

Limerick Civic Trust Carrol Collection Re-Opens to the Public

Pictured above: David Deighan, Anne and John Isherwood, Hirah Wood. Picture by: Shauna Kennedy. 

Limerick Civic Trust Carrol Collection Re-Opens to the Public

Hirah Wood and Gabrielle Wallace O’Donnell

Limerick Civic Trust hosted a special reception to mark the re-opening of Limerick Civic Trust Carrol Collection in its new home, Bishops’ Palace, Kings Island, Limerick on Thursday 11 June 2015.

This very important exhibition brings together the military memorabilia and family heirlooms collected by five generations of the Carrol Family starting with Major General Sir William Parker Carrol. It includes memorabilia from the Peninsular campaign, the Boer War and both World Wars and many unique family pieces, all of which have been donated by June O’Carroll Robertson, the last living descendent of the family. June’s father Major General A.G. (Tony) O’Carroll-Scott wished for the family’s collection to be returned to Ireland.

The Carol Collection – A story of an Irish Family, which first opened to the public in 2002 at the Georgian House and Garden, No.2 Pery Square Limerick, was temporarily taken off display when No. 2 Pery Square was acquired from the Trust as a headquarters for the National City of Culture.

The current display of paintings, swords, photographs, trophies, maps, military decorations, estate records and personal family documents offers fascinating insights into the political and social history between the 1700s and 1920s.

Plans are now underway for the remainder of the collection to be transferred from the UK to Limerick Civic Trust, allowing the already comprehensive collection to be significantly enhanced by the addition of new pieces which have never been seen in Ireland before. When complete, the exhibition will offer new and many untold stories of Irish military involvement around the world.

Speaking at the reception, the newly appointed Manager of Limerick Civic Trust David O’Brien said, “We are delighted to be re-opening this important exhibition as it will give visitors the opportunity to see an unprecedented collection.”

“This is a significant step in our plan to make the Bishop’s Palace more of a visitor centre. Being in the heart of the medieval quarter, it is fitting that we open our valuable and significant exhibits to the people of Limerick and visitors to the city,” he continued.

John Isherwood, representing June O’Carroll Robertson, also attended the official opening and presented the Trust with the copyright of two books written by June O’Carroll Robertson.

Mr Isherwood said, “We are delighted to see the collection in its splendid new surroundings and are thankful for the care and painstaking efforts Limerick Civic Trust has given to the display. We are looking forward to working with the Trust to ensure that more of the collection is accessible to the public.”

Civic Trust Chairman, Mr David Deighan, spoke about how “the Trust is now on the cusp of a wave with a number of new initiatives about to be launched. The Carrol Collection is our first permanent exhibition that will make Bishops’ Palace more attractive to visitors and plans are afoot to expand on this. Meanwhile, the primary business of the Limerick Civic Trust to conserve and preserve the build environment of our city continues and the needs in this area are great.”

Admission to the exhibition is free. Bishop’s Palace is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

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