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UPDATE: Contractor appointed to new Limerick Educate Together Secondary School



Limerick Educate Together Contractor – Secondary school Limerick Educate Together has been appointed a building contractor for the huge project. Pictured above TD Kieran O’Donnell and Principal Eoin Shinners pictured at the new location in Castletroy.
UPDATE: Contractor appointed to new Limerick Educate Together Secondary School

By I Love Limerick correspondent Ava O’Donoghue

Secondary school Limerick Educate Together has appointed a building contractor, Rhatigan’s Builders, for the construction of their new, state-of-the-art secondary school.

The school will be located across from Northern Trust on the Groody Road.

The Educate Together school is currently in temporary accommodation at the former Salesians Secondary School on the North Circular Road.






The €19 million build has been fast-tracked by the Department of Education, as the school will serve the greater Castletroy area and adjourning communities.

Work is currently being expected to begin within the next two months, with the hopes that the secondary school will be opened by September 2023.

The 14-acre school campus will cater for 1,000 pupils with almost 60 classrooms, an outdoor learning courtyard and a sports hall.

Two new roads linking the Groody Road to the Golf Links Road and Childers Road are currently under construction.


Limerick Educate Together Secondary School moving to Castletroy (23/04/2020)

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Sophia DiBattista

Limerick County Council planners have approved the building of a new secondary school in Castletroy, which will house up to 1,000 students by 2024. Around 100 teaching jobs will be created as well, thanks to the council’s approval of Limerick Educate Together Secondary School to move to Castletroy as a permanent location from its temporary premises at the old Salesians School in Fernbank.

The three-story establishment will be built close to Northern Trust on Bloodmill Road. Plans detail about 60 classrooms to be created along with gender-neutral bathrooms on each floor to accommodate all identities. This is a progressive move to help create a more inclusive future.

In addition, the school will provide students and teachers with an outdoor courtyard to utilise for lessons. A sports hall and fitness suite will be included as well to promote a healthy lifestyle and those with more athletic interests.

To accommodate students who arrive earlier than the school’s 8:30 am start, there will hopefully be breakfast clubs set in place for pupils to pass the time and be facilitated along with those who use bicycles for travel.

This kind of upbeat news regarding the educational system is a major plus during the COVID-19 crisis, and this is definitely something to look forward to. Principal Eoin Shinners said, “Ultimately, in light of the pandemic, news like this for Limerick from an educational point of view is fantastic.”

Principal Shinners worked with Fine Gael TD Kieran O’Donnell on this project for quite some time, and he is proud of the final blueprint and the moving of Limerick Educate Together Secondary School from Fernbank to Castletroy. Kieran said, “It’s a project I’ve worked with the school and the parents on over the last number of years. It has been difficult for parents and the school to operate away from Castletroy for an interim period in Fernbank. But the school has been a massive success.”

Kieran wanted to thank Principal Shinners in addition to all the hard-working individuals of the project, saying, “I want to pay tribute to the principal Eoin Shinners, the board of management and everyone else involved in the school on this great addition to the Castletroy area. I’m very conscious of our need for extra school places. It’s something I’m looking at in conjunction with a second primary school in the area.”

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