Limerick Kids Education Programme led by members of an Garda Siochana and Limerick FC

Limerick Kids Education Programme

Pat O’Sullivan, chairman of Limerick FC has supported a new Limerick Kids Education Programme in association with gardai from Henry Street station.

The new pilot scheme Garda Operational Alliance Learning (GOAL) endeavors to improve An Garda Síochána’s approach to teaching national school students policing topics. The programme encourages Limerick  youth to get more involved in sporting activities, as a deter from crime.

Concerns such as road traffic safety and crime prevention, to name but a few, have been altered by Gardaí and linked to soccer training drills.

Henry Street Garda Station community policing unit has developed a partnership with Limerick Football Club to educate and raise awareness to national school students of these policing policies and objectives.

Ran over a two-week duration, for each individual participating school, the G.O.A.L unit will visit the national school, coaching the children on the related Garda topics.

During the next Limerick FC home League of Ireland match, the students are to provide the half-time entertainment to fans. Their demonstration of soccer drills will be performed on front of alomst 2,000 supporters.

Garda Eoin Barrett, who came up with the drills, hopes for an improved relationship between the gardai, schools and the pupils, as a result of the scheme

Future prospects include developing the programme and introducing it to more than 19 schools, in a continuous format.

Limerick Kids Education Programme

Limerick Kids Education Programme in partnership with Limerick FC

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