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Limerick Mental Health 100km Limerick Mental Health 100km


LMHA takes on Run, Walk or Crawl 100km Challenge throughout July

Limerick Mental Health 100km will take place throughout the month of July. Pictured above is the poster for the event.

LMHA takes on Run, Walk or Crawl 100km Challenge throughout July

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Sophia DiBattista

Limerick Mental Health Association has organised their own Run, Walk or Crawl 100km Challenge for the entire month of July. This is an effort to fundraise for the organisation, which was hardly hit during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA), affiliated with Mental Health Ireland, aims to promote positive mental health within Limerick and all its citizens. LMHA provides support services to all members of the community including forums and their Wellness Recovery Action Planning tool, tailored to each individual. In addition to these services, the organisation also holds events to further their goal in helping those with mental health difficulties.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, LMHA unfortunately had to close their building off to workers and clients to abide by safety regulations. Charities and non-profits across Ireland and the world have been heavily impacted by the outbreak, especially when it comes to the financial aspect of how they are run. Many of LMHA’s events had to be cancelled as a result of Covid-19, but now, since more restrictions are being lifted in Ireland, the non-profit is able to hold this challenge.

The Run, Walk or Crawl 100km Challenge applies to anyone and everyone, no matter what age someone may be. For the whole month of July, LMHA is encouraging people to complete the distance of 100km wherever they live, in a nearby park or somewhere that is within the HSE regulations.

This challenge is perfect for any level of fitness and any age, and it is completely free to participate. There is a donation collection happening alongside it as well. LMHA is asking participants to give €4 towards the fundraiser on Facebook in order to help the organisation continue their support services. They can donate online or through text by messaging LMHA at 50300.

Theresa O’Keeffe, director of events and fundraising for LMHA, commented on how Covid-19 affected the organisation saying, “LMHA has had to radically modify our service delivery model over the past few months. We have had to transition many face to face services, usually delivered at our Le Chéile premises on Sexton Street, to remote supports. This has included providing peer support on line and over the phone, ensuring that our most vulnerable members have access to the necessary technology to be supported in this manner and delivering care packages.”

“Now, as we begin to restart our person to person recovery activities and support groups after the long Covid-19 closure, we need to invest in relevant supplies e.g. social distancing notices, anti-bacterial gel, masks, gloves and screens.”

Theresa talked with excitement about the upcoming Limerick Mental Health 100km challenge in July. She said, “The 100km in July for LMHA is a safe and exciting fundraiser, which will help us to make up our fundraising deficit and resume our full suite of mental health and recovery services. It is inclusive and open to participants with all fitness levels, free to join and will bring together a volunteer community who can share their progress and support one another on social media.”

“We appreciate that these are difficult times for some, but every donation, big or small makes an impact and is greatly appreciated!  We are also happy for people to use this challenge as an opportunity to improve their physical and mental health, be part of something positive and enjoy the outdoors, if fundraising isn’t feasible for them,” she concluded.

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