Limerick Mental Health Awareness and Life Long Learning Festival at the Milk Market

Limerick Mental Health Awareness and Life Long Learning Festival

Limerick Mental Health Awareness and Life Long Learning Festival -Pictured above Patrick Fitzgerald, Amanda Clifford & Milly  The Limerick Mental Health Awareness mascot

Limerick Mental Health Awareness and Life Long Learning Festival present The Fundamental #Limerickathon. The Fundamental #Limerickathon will take place at the Milk Market on April 17, with information stalls, music and children’s entertainment.

The Fundamental #Limerickathon would like to showcase what Limerick has learned about mental health over the last year, with many different organizations and members of the public taking part. Amanda Clifford, Patrick Fitzgerald and Rob Stevens (Grow) the event organisers believes that “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

Limerick Mental Health Awareness have two events planned in association with the Life Long Learning Festival, the first is a showcase at the opening of the Life Long Learning festival in Thomond Park on the 16 April. The second event is the The Fundamental #Limerickathon.

Limerick Mental Health Awareness is an organisation set up to promote a healthy and open attitude towards Mental Health. Limerick Mental Health Awareness aims to promote mental health awareness, to reduce the stigma that is attached to mental health and to network with all the different organisation so we can work together to support people who experience mental health difficulties.

The Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival 2016 takes place from Saturday 16 to Friday 22 April. The festival is organised by Learning Limerick, representing the main stakeholders involved in promoting learning across Limerick City and County, this year’s Festival theme is ‘Learning from Each Other in a Changed Limerick’. This theme will be greatly represented at Limerick Mental Health Awareness Milk Market event as the whole idea of the event is for organisions and memeners of the public to share their knowledge and understanding of mental health.

Come to the Milk Market on April 17 to be in with the chance to win some wonderful spot prizes, enjoy the art and learn about mental health in a fun and relaxed manner.

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