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Limerick Mental Health Community Center Fundraising Event to raise vital funds 



Limerick Mental Health Community centre – members of Limerick Land Search Team and Haven Hub pictured above

Mental Health Community Center will provide vital peer support to those most in distress

Haven Hub Shared Base - Two Limerick organisations, Haven Hub and Limerick Land Search Team, have joined together two share permanent base.
Haven Hub Shared Base – Two Limerick organisations, Haven Hub and Limerick Land Search Team, have joined together two share permanent base.

Two local suicide awareness organisations are coming together to open up a shared permanent base of operations in Limerick City. The Haven Hub and Limerick Land Search Team have been granted premises by Limerick City & County Council. However, the Limerick Mental Health Community Center building is extensively fire damaged and in need of comprehensive building works to bring it to operational use. 

PR & Media Director for the Haven Hub, Pat Doran, commented, “Since its inception, the Haven Hub has voraciously advocated for the collaboration of all stakeholders in the suicide awareness space in Limerick. We are so thrilled to be working with the Limerick Land Search Team in this shared initiative to open a Limerick Mental Health Community Center. With Limerick having the highest rate of suicide in the country, it’s vitally important that the community is aware of, primarily, what we do. But also that they know where we are when they need us most. We hope that this project will turn suicide rates in Limerick on its head and be the place where our number is highest in suicide prevention as opposed to suicide completions.” 


Leona O’Callaghan, founder and chairperson of the Haven Hub added, “The Mental Health Community Center initiative will allow us to continue to provide vital peer support to those most in distress. But it will also give us a stable base of operations to deliver our wellness program. Courses such as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), QPR training, Decider Skills, and Mental Health First Aid will be delivered free of charge to the community from a singular location. Our trauma recovery program as well as the Lads Shed project is also being run by the Haven and is currently being offered in spaces that we rent. So the ability for us to have a permanent home will prove invaluable to the community.”

Chairman for Limerick Land Search Team Calvin Prendergast has said,  “We are delighted to have finally been offered premises from the council and to be able to work alongside our colleagues in Haven Hub in providing two vital services to the community of Limerick and beyond. This will be more than just a base for our unit but a hub for the community where they can reach out for help. The next step is renovating the premises and over the next few months, we will be hoping the people of Limerick will get behind the project and support our joint fundraising efforts to get the building up and running as quickly as possible. The people of Limerick have always been good to ourselves and without them, we would not be operating 9 years this year providing the service we do and as always we are ever so grateful.”

The two charities have organised a fundraising night of entertainment in Fitzgerald’s Bar, Thomondgate on Friday, August 19 from 6 pm. Acts performing on the night include Steve Spade, Rob & Rodigo, Greg Ryan, Sylvia Cregan and Kilkenny Mel. Karaoke will be compered by Victor and the MC on the night will be Leon Andersen.

Tickets are €10 at the door. All proceeds go towards the reconstruction costs of the building.

The Haven Hub has also organised a GoFundMe to help with the costs associated with the rebuilding of the premises. If you can’t make it along to the event, you may like to consider donating to the fundraiser which can be found online HERE 

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