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limerick milk market vendors limerick milk market vendors


WATCH Incredible locally produced food from Limerick Milk Market vendors



We visit some of the amazing Limerick Milk Market vendors to see what has patrons coming back week after week

I Love Limerick paid a visit to Limerick Milk Market vendors in the city’s beloved market to see what has patrons coming back week after week

limerick milk market vendors
Tim’s Table at Limerick Milk Market, Saturday, May 20, 2023. Picture: Olena Oleksienko/ilovelimerick

Exploring the amazing sights, sounds, aromas and tastes of the Milk Market is a great way to spend part of any weekend in Limerick City.

I Love Limerick paid a visit to some of the amazing food stalls in the city’s beloved market stopping at Tim’s Table, Sandwich Sisters, and Nolan’s of Corbally to see what has patrons coming back every week.

Tim’s Table is a local husband and wife team, with a combined 30+ years in the hospitality industry using local Irish farmers and suppliers, selling premium hand-crafted products at Limerick’s Milk Market on Saturdays, with their famous sausage rolls being a “must-try”.





“We have a big range, we do lots of savoury pastries, sweet pastries, and we also have our jarred items – we have hummuses, pestos, and crackers,” Tim told I Love Limerick, adding his personal favourite is the “marinated persian styled feta”.

The couple makes all of their products “from scratch” in their commercial kitchen at home in Corbally, speaking about what inspired them to get into business, Tim said, “My wife and I have been cooking for about 30 years between us, and I’ve always wanted to bring something to the public.”

Tim brought attention to their famous sausage rolls and pies, he said, “We buy our sausage meat at Mick O’Loughlin’s Butchers, it’s one of the oldest butchers in town, with sausage meat we add caramelised onion, fresh thyme, little bit of chilli, some fennel seeds, and then we wrap it in our puff pastry finish it off with our black and white sesame seeds and then bring it in here to the Milk Market.”

Sandwich Sisters at Limerick Milk Market, Saturday, May 20, 2023. Picture: Olena Oleksienko/ilovelimerick

“At least maybe 80 per cent of our customers are repeat customers every single week, you know it’s fantastic,” Tim said about the support of the Milk Market regulars.

Sandwich Sisters bring Limerick’s best sandwiches to the Milk Market each Saturday with a mission as sisters working together bringing amazing food to local markets.

One half of the Sandwich Sisters, Claire said, “We’re here every Saturday from the crack of dawn, what we sell are gourmet sandwiches, all locally sourced ingredients. I know people say that a lot, but we literally get it from next door or over here, or the olive company.

The pair make all their own pickles, pastes, slaws, and pestos and even sell their ingredients to take away so you can perfect your own sandwich at home.

“Our sandwiches are all homemade, all bespoke. So you can get a made-to-order sandwich, and they’re absolutely amazing, we do roast chicken, pulled pork, brisket as well, and we also do Irish halloumi wraps which are sensational,” said Claire.

Speaking about their returning customers, Claire noted Limerick as having “the best supporters”, she said, “once you have them, you have them for life, and then we get their kids as well. They’re really very supportive, we also get a lot of tourists as well, but our regulars keep us going.”

Nolan’s of Corbally combines the perfect mixture between Traditional Butchery and food innovation at the Milk Market every Saturday, providing their own meat, burgers, sausages all “made from scratch” and curing their own bacon.

Nolan’s of Corbally at Limerick Milk Market, Saturday, May 20, 2023. Picture: Olena Oleksienko/ilovelimerick

“We cure our own bacon, all our beef and lamb is local, coming from only as far as Meelick,” Alan from Nolan’s of Corbally told I Love Limerick.

With support for the market stall “growing, growing, and growing,” Alan said, “We decided to branch our and open a new stall and we’re cooking our own homemade sausages, with our dry-cured bacon and all local produce with it and a roll from Novak’s Bakery.” It’s an artisanal roll, so we put them all together.”

Asked about Nolan’s biggest seller, Alan pointed to the gourmet and jalapeno burgers, “They equally sell as well as each other, it’s a range of everything really. We have almost 60 products, so it’s a bit of everything.”

Also offering a traybake range, with everything from garlic mushrooms to sprouts, Nolan’s of Corbally’s butcher and gourmet hot dog stall is open every Saturday at the Milk Market.

Limerick’s Milk Market is open in all weather, open all weekend, all under the market’s canopy, with something to tingle everyone’s tastebuds.

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