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Limerick musicians Aaron Hackett and Leah Melling showcase talents Limerick musicians Aaron Hackett and Leah Melling showcase talents


PHOTOS & VIDEO Limerick musicians Aaron Hackett and Leah Melling showcase their talents



Pictured: Aaron Hackett, 18-year-old Limerick musician, during a visit to the I Love Limerick offices. Picture by: Jonathan Baynes.

Limerick musicians Aaron Hackett and Leah Melling showcase talents

Aaron and Leah, posing for a photo with the I Love Limerick crew.

Limerick musicians Aaron Hackett and Leah Melling showcase their talents during a trip to the I Love Limerick office. Aaron, Dooradoyle local and rising young musical star, shows huge promise at the young age of 18, with his engaging and genuinely heartfelt music.

Aaron joined the I Love Limerick crew at our office to talk to us about his journey with music so far and what is to come in the future. We were treated to our own private ‘gig’, with Aaron performing some of his tracks, including; Midnight, Heathcliff and 42. Armed with only his guitar, Aaron filled the room with his voice and presence, with a performance that was both modest and filled with the confidence of a clear, fresh talent. A video of the day’s events will be up on the site soon, with snippets of the performance.

The budding star has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember, with a lot of influences in his life: ‘When I was eight, I just picked up the guitar and taught myself how to play. I just covered other people’s songs, before I started writing my own.’

Aaron’s focus and dedication is not only placed on his music, but also on his education. After just finishing his leaving cert, he will be hearing soon about his application to study applied physics in UL: ‘I gave up music for the whole year so I could focus on studying for my leaving cert, so now that that’s all over, I can really get back into my music’.

Leah Melling, another gifted Limerick musician, also joined us on the day for the chance to talk with a fellow young artist. At the age of just 16, Leah shows tremendous potential as an artist, with her music focused on not only her own interests, but on cultural and societal issues. Her musical style is unique and her lyrics are raw and memorable, leaving any listening wanting more.

The two artists posed for photos and made plans to work together soon, where they will no doubt bring each of their distinctive styles to the table.

Aaron has already had a taste of success after taking part in the one-season RTE show, ‘The Hit’. Speaking about his experience on the show, Aaron said: ‘Duke Special chose my song, 1969, to record. It was released and it actually came to number 5 on the Irish charts.’

Listening to Aaron’s music, it is clear that emotion and passion are present in every note and lyric. To hear Aaron’s music, go to his SoundCloud.

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Photos by Jonathan Baynes for I Love Limerick. All Rights Reserved.

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