LISTEN: News Roundup August 16, 2019 – I Love Limerick Podcast Episode 14

Limerick Podcast Episode 14

Limerick Podcast Episode 14: Special guest Richard Lynch talks to us about his I Love Limerick journey and all his favourite spots across Limerick.

LISTEN: News Roundup August 16, 2019 – I Love Limerick Podcast Episode 14

Kiera Ryan and Claire O’Dowd look at this week’s Local Business, Events, Sports, Arts and Entertainment news around Limerick.

Produced by Claire O’Dowd and Kiera Ryan. 


On this weeks special edition of the I Love Limerick podcast, we talk to Mr.I Love Limerick himself, Richard Lynch himself. We talk about Richards work with I Love Limerick and the county itself over the past 10 years, and what changes we would all like to see in the future. Richard also tells us his favorite hotspots in Limerick, we promise, we are not sponsored by arabica coffee!

Some of the points of discussion were Richard’s favourite spots around Limerick; where he likes to get lunch, his favourite spot on a sunny day and his favourite place to feel Limerick culture, which he said the Hunt Museum, calling it the “crown of Limerick’s culture”. Also mentioned was the magical Lough Gur, with fairy trails and wonderful views making it a wonderful trip.

He also talked about his journey with I Love Limerick and how him and his team are constantly learning new things. He recalls on before setting up I love Limerick, saying that he never would have thought building a website and writing stories was in his “skill set” but that it the beauty of I Love Limerick.

For more information on all these local businesses, sports and education events discussed in the podcast, listen above now. There is a new podcast ever week and we will be back next week to recall events, stories and upcoming news.

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