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Limerick rock band Cruiser Limerick rock band Cruiser


Limerick rock band Cruiser release debut EP Hot 4 U

(L-R) Rachael Drennan, Chris Quigley, Steve Savage and Ger Devine, Cruiser. Limerick rock band Cruiser.

Limerick rock band Cruiser have released their debut EP, Hot 4 U this May 22. Limerick rock band Cruiser.

The four-piece band is comprised of, Singer and Vocalist, Ger Devine, Bass guitarist, Rachael Drennan, Lead Guitarist, Chris Quigley and Drummer Steve Savage. Limerick rock band Cruiser.

“Chris and I were messing around with ideas for starting a band ever since we finished college in 2013. We did some writing and put out one single in 2014 but it wasn’t until Steve joined the fold this time last year Cruiser got serious and we started recording new material and looking for gigs. We became a 4-piece when Rachael joined on bass over Christmas”, explains Gerry. Limerick rock band Cruiser.



Their debut EP, Hot 4 U consists of four compelling tracks to convert anyone to a fan of this highly talented band.

Limerick rock band cruiser

“This EP is a good summation of the loud, raw, melodic sound we’ve been striving for since the band started. We recorded it ourselves in the rehearsal room in Music Hub Studios, tracking everything live at the same time and then overdubbing the vocals. Chris put in a heroic effort producing and mixing the EP. The project was entirely DIY; we even made our own CD sleeves”, expresses Gerry.

Cruiser, who started performing at small gigs such as opening for Windings in Limerick and Cork have progressed impressively to a twin headliner/EP launch with longtime friends, Casavettes in Kasbah Social Club, Limerick back in July.

As for the future of these promising musicians, Gerry says, “we’ll be playing our first ever acoustic set in The Stormy Teacup in October so look out for details on that! There will be plenty of chances to see us before the year is out as we have a few other gig-shaped coals in the fire. We’ve also started rehearsing a bunch of new songs for our debut album that we will be releasing in the first half of next year. We’re really excited for people to hear these tunes”.

“Being in this band has been incredibly fun so far. Our goal was just to have a laugh doing whatever we wanted; which was to play energetic tunes at deafening volume and churn out material as fast as we could write it. The fact that people have received it really positively so far and there’s been all this forward momentum is just the icing on the cake”, concluded Gerry.

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