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Limerick Twenty Thirty project Limerick Twenty Thirty project


Limerick Twenty Thirty project close to present its first complete structure

Limerick Twenty Thirty project: Gardens International is weeks away from completion, the reception area reflects a pleasant mix of the old and the new.


Limerick Twenty Thirty project close to present its first complete structure

Limerick Twenty Thirty project just six weeks away from completion. The first of its kind in Limerick, Gardens International development is at par with the very best of office spaces in Dublin, London, New York and other leading international business districts.



Just weeks before the final structure is ready, leading global aircraft leasing company Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is set to take up 51% of the redeveloped site in January.

NAC currently employs almost 85 people at its Limerick offices on Henry Street, with the move allowing for further expansion over the next three years.

Through this project, Gardens International is bringing the very highest standard for office space internationally, to Limerick.

Aidan Malone, Project Manager has been overseeing the development since work commenced a year ago says that now it is heading for the final stages, the emphasis on international best practice in the design and construction is becoming very evident.

Aidan Malone, Project Manager has overlooked the project since it began a year ago.

“We’ve not seen anything like this in Limerick before, nor is there anything better than it anywhere else in the country.  We are very proud of that fact. The standard we went for is LEED Gold, which is the top standard for buildings internationally, and that says a lot about the ambition Limerick Twenty Thirty has and Limerick has generally today,” Mr. Malone said.

The pleasant mix between the old existing structure and the modern day additions to the building is attracting a great deal of praise.

“It’s a hugely interesting space, with stunning architecture weaving into the new elements. A very central element of the scheme is the restoration of the original structure. The structure dates back 200 years when there were exotic roof gardens with fruits such as pineapples as well as oranges and grapes growing, hence the name of the building. 

“The site then got a new lease of life with the development of what was part of the GPO buildings in the early 1900s, which operated until the 1970s.  In the last decade, the building was due to be redeveloped but unfortunately, with the crash from 2007, it sat there idle for about seven to eight years from where the City and County Council stepped in and purchased the site.  The strategic plan for Limerick Twenty Thirty was then put in place and you can see today the significant progress,” Mr. Malone added.

David Conway, CEO of Limerick Twenty Thirty said: “This is an important and exciting time for Limerick, the Gardens International building is a hugely important project for us as it is the first major build we have undertaken as part of the wider Limerick Twenty Thirty programme. With this project, we wanted to make a statement about where we are today as a city and a region.”

Gardens International is the first build in the Limerick Twenty Thirty project, which will see over €500m worth of investment in state-of-the-art office, retail, residential, cultural, education and enterprise space developed in Limerick. 

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