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LIT Taste the New Food and Tourism Education Restaurant Launches



LIT Taste is the New Food and Tourism Education Restaurant at the Limerick Institute Technology’s Moylish campus.

LIT Taste

LIT Taste – Picture L-R: Sean Pearse, from Garryowen, Limerick.
Photographer: Diarmuid Greene/FusionShooters

The Department of Food and Tourism at LIT provides a high quality and relevant education in Tourism Management, Event Management, Hotel Front Office Management, Hospitality Studies and Culinary Arts. All of the programmes provide a blend of theory and practice through active learning approaches where students actively prepare for dynamic and exciting careers in Food and Tourism.

The restaurant, LIT Taste, which serves lunch and dinner, and can be booked by reservation, continues a long tradition of culinary excellence in LIT. Students of culinary arts prepare and serve meals from a number of cuisines for guests at Taste.





Dr. Catriona Murphy, Head of the Department of Food and Tourism at LIT says, “We are delighted to invite people to book their reservations and experience TASTE at LIT.

LIT Taste

LIT Taste – Pictured at the launch of ‘Taste’ at LIT are Higher Certificate in Hospitality Studies student Amy Frost, from Corbally, left, and Culinary Arts student Saoirse Ing, from Tipperary Town.
Photographer: Diarmuid Greene/FusionShooters

“TASTE has the obvious connection to food in terms of the physical consumption of food using our senses of smell, touch, sight and sound to influence and evaluate our taste. However, TASTE has intangible connotations too which are particularly relevant in the tourism industry.

“The tourism industry is one of the most important contributors to the Irish economy followed closely by food and both food and tourism play a pivotal role in the Irish culture and identity.  While people, place and space are the main reasons people visit Ireland, food and perhaps more importantly the meal experience is central to the tourism experience.

In essence TASTE is more a concept than a tangible reality which is influenced by the actual food but also food influences and often defines place identity, globalization, localization, sensory evaluation, technologies, legislation, economies and societies.

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