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Lost Futures Lourdes Group Fundraiser at Tait House 

Lost Futures Lourdes Group – Tait House (formally Southill House) in Southill are hosting a fundraiser for a local group of bereaved parents

Lost Futures Lourdes Group Fundraiser at Tait House 

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, from 12 pm to 1 pm, Mr Tait’s Cafe at Tait House (formally Southill House) in Southill are hosting a fundraiser for a local group of bereaved parents, The Group is called Lost Futures Lourdes Group.

This group is for the parents who are suffering a reversal of nature, that of outliving your children. Each year the group struggle to raise funds which allow the parents of those children to travel to Lourdes to remember and pray for those they lost. It is open to all bereaved parents but has limited places depending on what funds can be raised. 




Tait House Community Enterprise supports this group each year in their fundraising efforts which are through a series of events and raffles co-ordinated by community advocate Mary Fitzpatrick.

Mr Tait’s Café is also very lucky to be receiving a visit, during this launch, from Roisin Upton who played a crucial role in propelling the women’s Irish Hockey team to the finals of this year’s 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup. The Kids in the Crèche at Tait House will be welcoming Roisin.

Tait House Community Enterprise is a not for profit social enterprise and have a cluster of social enterprises with about twenty in the network. They aim to improve the lives of people in the community, by creating employment opportunities, by providing training, and creating community enterprise ventures. They also provide everything from hairdressers and a community grocery to people within the community that need them.

“We deliver thermal upgrades and retrofitting projects in domestic and commercial projects across Limerick City and County and we are the only community-based organisation within Limerick delivering under these programmes,” commented Tracey Lynch, CEO Tait House.


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