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Made in Limerick opens a market for local artists

Made in Limerick – (L-R) Sinead power, Eithne Hehir, Jimmy Marks, Terry O’Shea, Tara Robinson, Audrey Fitzgerald, Tracey Fahey, Joan O’ Halloran, Daiva Stasiukynaite, Gerry Fenniman, Edward Little, Lil Buckley. Picture: Holly Kenny / ilovelimerick

Made in Limerick, a shop that showcases the craft and art of 19 designers, makers and craftspeople from all over Limerick was opened on Saturday, November 26 at noon. The ribbon on the gate of 17, Thomas Street was cut by Tracey Fahey one of the makers in the shop. A crowd of people piled in to see the work showcased in the shop.

The shop is situated in the heart of Limerick City. Some of the artists knew each other from before and a few of them have been involved in Limerick Enterprise Board and they do a showcase every year.

There are a wide variety of products in the Made in Limerick shop, including, woodturner, blacksmith, candles, soaps, embroidery artist, mixed media, glass, stone art, metal art.

The shop specialises in its personalised gifts and high quality craftsmanship. 

Speaking to I Love Limerick, Eithne Hehir, one of the makers at Made in Limerick she spoke about where the idea came from, “In February a group of us sat down and we thought ‘we’re all makers and it would be a nice place to showcase our work’, that was the main thing. We’re a collective and each of us have a meter square in the shop and all the profits go back to the makers so there is no commission. It’s a nice incentive and so we all work in the shop one day a month.”

“It’s a great way for makers to network and help each other out.” said Eithne Hehir, “A lot of us are graduates of Limerick College of Art and Design so it’s great for us to showcase our work here in Limerick.”


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Richard is a presenter, producer, songwriter and actor. He was named the Limerick Person of the Year (2011) and won an online award at the Metro Éireann Media and Multicultural Awards (2011) for promoting multi-culturalism online. Richard says that the concept is very much a community driven project that aims to document life in Limerick. So, that in 20 years time people can look back and remember the events that were making the headlines.