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Maigue Rivers Trust workshop Maigue Rivers Trust workshop


Maigue Rivers Trust workshop to be held in Croom on August 22

Maigue Rivers Trust workshop – The River Maigue which flows through Croom and Adare.

Maigue Rivers Trust workshop to be held in Croom on August 22

By ilovelimerick Correspondent Cathal Doherty

The Maigue Rivers Trust was formed in 2016 by a group of stakeholders in the area who were concerned about the future of local rivers. The trust’s mission is to protect, enhance and cherish the rivers and lakes of the Maigue catchment for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

The trust is currently establishing networks for these sectors and the is holding a Maigue Rivers Trust workshop on Wednesday, August 22 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Croom Enterprise Centre, Hospital Street, Croom to discuss the role of the networks and explore the sector’s vision for the river.

“I think that it is important to hold a workshop, on the future of the River Maigue, so that we can move forward as a community, to enhance and protect the River Maigue and its wildlife, for future generations. By coming together we can create a shared vision that will reflect the diverse uses of the river and its people. Please make your voice heard by attending the workshop,” Albert Nolan from the Maigue Rivers Trust told ilovelimerick.

The Maigue Rivers Trust came about as a result of a pollution incident on the River Loobagh (one of the major tributaries of the Maigue) which occurred in August 2014.  Following this, the community came together to look at ways in which it could engender a spirit of stewardship towards the river, hence, The Maigue Rivers Trust.

The trust is engaged in a range of activities which aim to improve the river habitat; raise awareness of the value of our aquatic resources; encourage amenity use of the river and ultimately increase its social, environmental and economic value to the community.

Patrick O’Donovan, Minister for Tourism and Sport, launched the Maigue Rivers Trust last year said, “The rivers in Co. Limerick flow through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland, and we have to make sure that we try to protect them and look after them to maintain habitats, protect drinking water and enhance our communities.  I want to wish the Trust well in their work for the future and to thank all of the various sectoral representatives for their work on this project.”

Membership of the trust is drawn from a range of sectors representing a broad cross-section of the community such as community, education, farming, angling, business, finance, local development, local government, outdoor/tourism/leisure, research/biology, conservation/wildlife.

If you are planning to attend this workshop please email Albert Nolan    [email protected] or by phone 089 4230502.


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