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Michael Flannery’s Bar reopens as one of Limerick’s finest

The newly renovated Flannery’s Bar in Limerick 

Michael Flannery’s Bar reopens as one of Limerick’s finest venues

Extending the roof terrace, playing to a soft industrial theme and the installation of a 50 bulb feature light in the centre of the bar are just some of the features that guests can enjoy at the newly renovated Michael Flannery’s Bar on Limerick’s Denmark Street.

With the delights of the festive season on the horizon, guests at one of Limerick’s newest premium bars will be steeped in the history of the Flannery family’s links to Ireland’s finest beers and whiskeys. Having reopened last month, plans are afoot now to continue to bring the premium and stylish offering of Michael Flannery’s to the people of Limerick.

Inside the former Anglim’s Soap Factory of the Nineteenth Century, owners Liam and Seamus Flannery carried out a full restoration of the herringbone floor, finished the walls with rough-sawn timbers and highlighted features of the older building including the walnut panelling.




“We have made the bar more comfortable for early evening and night time socialising with bench seating, private spaces and more user-friendly areas to enjoy whatever your needs”, Liam explains.

Industry renowned local artists have brought life to the old logo emblems of Guinness and Jameson by replicating them in hand-painted feature murals over the ground floor seating area.

“My dad used to bottle Jameson before and we have learned on that for the feature walls at the back of the bar.”

At 85-years, Michael Flannery is quite possibly the oldest working barman in Ireland and he is still very much at the heart of the matter in Flannery’s. It is the history of his involvement in the trade that has inspired sons Liam and Seamus to breathe new life into the historic building that once served as Anglim’s Soap Factory in the Nineteenth Century.

Liam said “We want to re-establish ourselves within the market as one of the leading elements in Limerick nightlife and we have dipped into our family business history that dates back to 1898,” 

The overall look and theme for the newly renovated bar leans back to the family’s historic links to the bottling trade and Liam added that these links with his father’s work as an authorised Jameson bottler animated the direction for the new design. 

“My great-grandfather opened the first Flannery’s Bar in Rearcross in Tipperary in 1898 and my Dad came to Limerick in 1959 after a spell working in Dublin and opened up a bar on William Street. That premises later became Finn’s Bar and we came down here to Denmark Street in 2006.”

“We have finished the extension to the roof terrace upstairs and now we have a beautiful new outdoor area built upstairs and we have moved some walls and screens to give us more seated booth space in a garden-feel environment” Seamus added. The first-floor bar has also been increased in size and overhauled with a view to hosting large groups and events.

Michael Flannery’s bar now has a new distillery theme feel to the establishment as a soft industrial space across a number of levels is encased with exposed stone walls and brick.

With one of the biggest Irish whiskey collections outside of Dublin, the small Traditional Bar in Flannery’s Bar will cater to your every whim and the 140 bottle whiskey collection is one of the showstoppers of the Limerick city premises.

Flannery’s Bar even offers a Whiskey Bible that lists all the Irish whiskeys for sale accompanied with tasting notes along with a history of the pub and the Flannery family.

Bespoke Irish Whiskey Tastings are regularly offered to corporate groups and parties and bring participants on a journey through the ages and tastes of Irish Whiskey.  

“We will talk you through the whiskey process and our own history on how we have come along and evolved with it as well”.

As the 2017 winners of the best family business at the Limerick Chamber regional business awards, the Flannery family are indeed steeped in the city’s history and looking to solidify that premium position for many more years to come.  

Michael Flannery’s Bar is located at 17 Upper Denmark Street, Limerick. Operated by brothers Liam and Seamus Flannery, the city bar offers a late night venue on Thursday Friday and Saturday with a variety of drinks and food options for parties, groups or the discerning customer alike.

You can contact Flannery’s on 061 43 66 77 (Option 5 for Office) or [email protected] 

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