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Mid West Spina Bifida & Hydrpcephalus Association Golf Classic



The Association of the Mid-West Spina Bifida are holding a Team-of-Four fundraiser on Thursday September 25th and Friday September 26th in Ballyneety Golf Club, Limerick.

The Association of the Mid-West Spina Bifida is a voluntary organisation run by parents, friends and loved ones of people who live with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus in counties Limerick, Clare, and North Tipperary.

Spina Bifida literally means ‘split spine’ and is a birth defect involving damage to the spine and nervous system often resulting in paralysis of the lower limbs.

Hydrocephalus, also known as ‘water on the brain’ requires a valve to be inserted into the head to overcome a blockage that is preventing the free flow of fluid around the brain. 85% of those with Spina Bifida also suffer from Hydrocephalus.


The event is being spear-headed by Annette MacSweeney (087-6438212) and Kay Bolger (085-7372447) while Gerry McKeon and Eamon Ryan are also involved in the running of the event.

All of the proceeds will be applied directly to the purchase of specialised equipment identified on an ongoing basis by the Association’s Senior Physiotherapist Milena Madeja.

The Fundraiser is a Team-of-Four event and the entry is €300 per team to include golf, a variety of prizes and a meal for each player.

 The association of Spina Bifida Mid-West cater for to 103 families while their members range from new born up to over 46 years of age.

All the services provided come free of charge and include counselling for members, family and friends, physiotherapy, orthotics, leadership and self awareness development, special bikes and equipment, paid expenses to families attending clinics in Dublin, summer camps, wheelchair sports (rugby, basketball, boccia, snooker, rowing, horseback riding, and many more) billiard lessons, swimming and art lessons, paid extra tuition, parental support, social activities, respite, Wheels in Motion social group, leadership and confidence building courses, sexuality awareness courses, drug awareness training, and much more!

For more information on Spina Bifida Mid-West you can visit their website

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