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Why I Love my Job with Shauna Kennedy of Morning Star



“Morning Star” offers contemporary photography with a distinctively creative touch, specialising in portrait and branding photography.

Founder of “Morning Star”, Shauna Kennedy’s photography journey started as a wedding photographer to now focusing on portrait photography and branding packages tailored to businesswomen

Founder of "Morning Star", Shauna Kennedy's photography journey started as a wedding photographer to now focusing on portrait photography and branding packages tailored to businesswomen
Shauna Kennedy made the strategic decision to introduce branding packages tailored specifically to businesswomen

Feeling a strong desire to broaden her horizons from wedding photography, she delved into the world of portrait photography. Balancing both was challenging and deeply fulfilling. As demands on her time grew, Shauna made the bold choice to focus exclusively on portrait photography and the myriad of creative opportunities it presents.

Shauna’s final wedding assignment took place in December 2022, marking the end of an era. Although weddings were financially lucrative, she recognised the need to compensate for the transition in her career.

Shauna made the strategic decision to introduce branding packages tailored specifically to businesswomen, discovering a realm where she can unleash her creativity while remaining financially viable.


Explain how creativity has been the key to your success in Business/Career?

Creativity has been the cornerstone of my business success and career, allowing me to innovate and bring fresh perspectives to my photography, ultimately captivating Morning Star clients and distinguishing the brand in the competitive market.

My creative journey began with studies in Fashion Design at LSAD and Interior Design at Griffith College Dublin. Afterwards, I pursued further education in photography at Limerick Senior College, incorporating the disciplines of fashion and interior design into my photography work. These diverse experiences have enriched my photography skillset, allowing me to infuse my work with a unique blend of style and aesthetic sensibility.

Speaking about her favourite part of her job, Shauna says, “I get to meet so many different people and capturing their story is both an honour and a trill”

From styling families for shoots to capturing the essence of a businesswoman in an office environment, my background in fashion and interior design, combined with my photography education, has equipped me with a versatile skill set that enhances my creativity and sets me apart in the photography field.

The pandemic was particularly hard on my business but it also gave me time to reflect on what I wanted to pursue in my business. I received a grant from the enterprise board and redesigned my website with the help of Little Blue Studio. When I left LSAD I worked as on window displays with Roches Stores and this showed me the importance of showing what you offer to the best of its ability which in turn attracts new clients. We put a lot of work into the website.  It has helped my business as it offers gift vouchers, a booking-app and shows my portfolio with great effect. Basically, my website works for me while I’m asleep.

How have you upskilled to ensure you keep ahead in your industry/career path?

Portrait work:

I’m currently training as a newborn photographer and have participated in person courses with leading newborn photographers such as Kelly Brown – Australia, Francesca De Benedetti – Cambridge, UK, Kelly Posini -Vancouver,  Russ Jackson – London, UK, Ana McNerney – Dublin. I’m doing a mentoring session with Lidi Conlan – Kildare in October and with Linzie russo – London also in October. I’m a member of IPPVA and attend on line classes / workshops with them. I’ve also received mentoring in the last year from Mentor Works Ireland (2 blocks) and Minding Creative Minds (1 block).

Branding Work:

I firmly believe that posing is the cornerstone of branding photography, and to hone this skill, I’ve enrolled in Sue Bryce Online Education. This invaluable experience has equipped me with a wealth of techniques and bolstered my confidence to pursue excellence in this specialised field of photography. Moreover, I’ve found that the techniques learned have not only enhanced my branding photography but also significantly benefited my portrait work. By confidently directing and posing my subjects, I’ve witnessed them blossom before my lens, capturing authentic moments for each genre.

When did you start getting interested in photography? 

When I was a teenager. My uncle was big into photography so I got the bug from John. He had a massive film camera and was amazed to see the negatives and the wonder they held once developed. I proudly display his battered camera bag in the studio. This gives me a feeling of joy and evokes these memories.

Starting as a wedding photographer, Shauna made the decision to move towards portrait photography

Is there any specific style of photography that you prefer to do? 

I love to picture people. I get to meet so many different people and capturing their story is both an honour and a trill. It’s a great privilege and I’m very grateful to everyone who makes this my chosen profession.

Do you have any inspirations in your work life?

My Gran. She was an amazing woman and I’ve no doubt she’s guiding me from the next life. Thanks Gran.

What have been some challenges in your work life?

The financial crash of 2008 and Covid were big challenges but I weather both storms and have learnt great lessons from them as no doubt we all did.

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Morning Star photography with Shauna Kennedy's provides portrait photography and branding packages tailored to businesswomen
Upskilling has played an important role in Shauna’s career, and she has participated in in-person courses with leading

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