Limerick LGBTQ Pride crowns Mr and Ms Gay Limerick 2018

Mr and Ms Gay Limerick

Eoin Sexton Mr Gay Limerick, Asttina Mandela and Clodagh O’Brien Ms Gay Limerick at the Mr and Ms Gay Limerick 2018 contest in Dolans Warehouse.

Limerick LGBTQ Pride crowns Mr and Ms Gay Limerick 2018

On Saturday, April 21st Limerick LGBTQ Pride crowned Eoin Sexton and Clodagh O’Brien as their new Mr and Ms Gay Limerick 2018 in Dolans Warehouse. The position of Mr and Ms Gay Limerick is one which gives a member of the LGBTQ community a platform and an opportunity to be an ambassador for the LGBTQ community in Limerick.

The host for the Mr and Ms Gay Limerick 2018 contest was the amazing Asttina Mandela from London and the fabulous Jen Ronan from Limerick.

Also during the contest, we had the lovely couple Ryan Mowat win the first ever title, Mr Limerick Pride, and his boyfriend Michael Collins win crowd favourite.

Both Eoin and Clodagh will lead this year’s Limerick LGBTQ Pride Parade which will take place on Saturday, July 7th.

Talking about how she feels upon winning the competition, Clodagh said: “I’m so blown away, I can’t believe I’ve won this.”  

Eoin also spoke about what he’s looking forward to most this year with Pride. “I’m really looking forward to the Pride Parade as well as all the work I’ll be getting to do with charities as Mr Gay Limerick.” 

Lisa Daly, Chairperson Limerick LGBTQ Pride Festival 2018 said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a fantastic line up for Limerick LGBTQ Pride Festival 2018, running from Monday, July 2 until Saturday, July 7 with the Parade on Saturday, July 7. There is something for everyone culminating in the annual Pride Parade and the PrideFest party directly after the Parade at the Hunt Museum. We want to welcome everyone to join us in celebrating LGBTQ culture in Limerick and show Limerick for the truly open and accepting city that she is. Our theme this year is “We Are Pride” celebrating the people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the years to make Pride happen for Limerick. The Pride committee is delighted to announce Richard Lynch, founder of ilovelimerick as the Grand Marshall, of this year’s Pride parade in honour of the ten years of service he dedicated to the organisation of Limerick Pride from 2008 until 2017″.

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Pictures by Zoe Conway/ilovelimerick

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