Munster Players support Headway campaign.

Munster Players support Headway campaign

Munster Players support Headway campaign.

Munster Rugby players are encouraging supporters to get behind Headway’s new #IseeBeyond campaign.

The #IseeBeyond campaign has been started to encourage people to look for and “see beyond” what is obvious. Not all disabilities are obvious from just simply looking at a person. The campaign aims to highlight that many people live with hidden disabilities. These people often find it difficult and uncomrtable in sharing their problems, so the #IseeBeyond campaign encourages everyone to be more tolerant.

Just because a disability cannot be seen, that does not make the disabilitiy less real or easier to live with. These disabilities are just as likely to make life very difficult for people at times. This can be at home, at work, or just out and about in their daily lives.

The #IseeBeyond campaign is a joint initiative of Headway and Epilepsey Ireland. Both Headway and Epilepsey Ireland are national charities working to support people with two common types of hidden disabilities, acquired brain injury and epilepsy.

In order for the #IseeBeyond campaign to grow, the two charities wish to hear from other non-profit organisations with an interest in improving the understanding of hidden disability.

Munster supporters, players and everyone else can also do their bit to help. Simply by showing their support on social media, by uploading their own personalised icon, everyone can lend their hand to the #IseeBeyond campaign.

Headway has been established to provide support to those and their families affected by an acquired brain injury. They provide services, procedures, information, facilities, and events that all people can understand and take advantage of. They work with communities to improve accessibility to areas, especially for those with hidden disabilities. Their range of services for adults is accredited by CARF International ( for brain injury speciality.

Their rehabilitation services include rehabilitative training, day rehabilitative services, psychology, therapy and family support, information, outreach, community integration and employment services. Headway also provides education, counselling, and support groups for family members over the age of 18 in a number of their centres around Ireland.

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