MyMind Limerick Celebrates First Anniversary of Providing Mental Health Services

insidetext mymindThe award-winning MyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing in Limerick is proud to be celebrating its first year of providing fast, affordable and accessible mental health services for the community.

MyMind first opened its doors in 2006 as a not-for-profit community based provider of accessible mental health care, and now has centres in Dublin, Cork and Limerick city.

MyMind provides counselling, wellbeing and psychotherapy services in more than 10 languages either online, face to face or in the workplace.

MyMind charges are based upon employment status, allowing the unemployed or full time students to access services at vastly reduced rates.  In addition, revenue generated from full fee clients is reinvested, enabling MyMind to provide affordable services to all.  New clients may self-refer and appointments are usually made within 72 hours of contact.

MyMind believes that early intervention is the most effective way to prevent mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress from turning into severe problems. By providing fast and easy access to services in the community, MyMind is enabling people to access supports for mental health problems early on.

MyMind has impacted on more than 20,000 lives in Ireland to date. The Limerick-based service has expanded at a rapid rate, providing 808 appointments since it opened its doors only last year.

Founder and CEO Mr Krystian Fikert said, “We are delighted to be celebrating our first year of providing high quality, low cost mental health care in Limerick, and are dedicated to growing and improving this service for many years to come.

“In Ireland, someone experiencing mental health issues may be faced with long public sector waiting lists and costly private services. MyMind is working hard to fill this gap through a mental health service that is easily within everyone’s reach. MyMind’s vision is that the provision of an accessible and affordable service based within the community will help to culturally normalise mental health care and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness in Ireland. Since we opened the Limerick centre last year, we have seen demand for our services grow rapidly, with more and more clients referring friends and family members to our centre. This shows just how much of a need there is for MyMind’s uniquely accessible service, and we passionate about continuing to make a positive impact in the community,” added Mr Fikert.

MyMind Limerick is celebrating its first anniversary with a special event at the Hunt Museum, Rutland Street on Thursday, 23rd April at 12.30pm.

MyMind is delighted to welcome special guest Limerick City and County Councillor Daniel Butler to speak at the event.


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