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N21 Road Schemes Preferred Options have been published and are now on public display. Pictured above is the Newcastle West plan. N21 Road Schemes Preferred Options have been published and are now on public display. Pictured above is the Newcastle West plan.


Preferred Options from N21 Newcastle West and N21 Abbeyfeale now on public display



N21 Road Schemes Preferred Options have been published and are now on public display. Pictured above is the Newcastle West plan.

Preferred Options from N21 Newcastle West and N21 Abbeyfeale now on public display 

N21 road schemes Pictured above is the Abbeyfeale Preferred Option.

Pictured above is the Abbeyfeale Preferred Option.

The Preferred Options for the N21 Newcastle West and N21 Abbeyfeale Road Schemes have been published and are now on public display. 




Details of the options are available on and

A public display event will now be held to inform the public and stakeholders of the Preferred Options identified for the N21 road schemes to be brought forward for further development and assessment during the next phases of both projects. Closing date for the public display event is Tuesday, December 7 2021. 

This public information event will describe the work undertaken to date, give information about the option selection process and why the preferred option was selected for each of the N21 road schemes, describe and provide maps of the preferred route option corridors, and outline the programme for next steps in advancing the projects. 

Each N21 road schemes project is expected to have positive benefits on the urban environments of Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale and will improve the quality of life of commuters and local residents. 

The projects offer opportunities to provide safe, segregated cycling and walking facilities and to integrate with the wider active travel networks such as the Limerick Greenway. 

In consideration of continuing risks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and taking into account the timing for planning and holding the public display, an online platform has been developed on the project websites. 

It is understood that online information cannot be accessed by everyone. The project team is keen to engage with people throughout the display period. Information can be requested, and telephone meetings can be booked by calling the booking phone line 087 0573813 until Tuesday, November 23 2021. 

Limerick City and County Council is working in partnership with Kerry County Council (in the case of Abbeyfeale), Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the Department of Transport to develop two separate schemes to relieve congestion on the N21 Limerick to Tralee Road through Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale. Jacobs Consulting Engineers have been appointed as Technical Advisors to progress the planning and design phases for both schemes. 

Brian Kennedy, Director of Travel & Transportation, Limerick City and County Council has welcomed the publication of the preferred options for the schemes: “While being developed as separate projects, these schemes will help to relieve congestion in Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale and enhance regional connectivity.” 

“Each of these projects will also improve road safety and provide opportunities to provide safe, segregated Active Travel cycling and walking facilities in and around the towns. The contribution that enhanced public transport services and active travel facilities can make to developing the most sustainable transport solution will also continue to be examined. To be in a position to publish the preferred option for both projects before the end of the year, notwithstanding the ongoing impact of COVID-19 restrictions, is a significant achievement.” 

This non-statutory event will also provide an opportunity for comments and observations to be submitted, which may inform the further development of the schemes in the next phases. 

As with the previous public consultation for the route corridor options, this online platform will host a virtual consultation room that will allow the public and other stakeholders to view and interact with the information and maps displayed. The platform will include an online booking facility where the public and other stakeholders can schedule an online or telephone meeting with a member of the project team during the first two weeks of the public display period. 

Limerick City and County Council values the opinion of the community on this project and welcomes observations and comments from the public and interested parties. The knowledge gained from the engagement will be considered by the project team as part of the next stages of the development of the schemes. 

There was a high level of engagement from the public with this consultation. In February and March 2021 an online Public Consultation was held seeking feedback from the public on the shortlisted options developed for the project. Since then, the project team has undertaken a detailed, multi-criteria appraisal of feasible scheme options and alternatives and has considered feedback received during the public consultation event. 

Observations/ comments on this latest phase can be made by email to [email protected] or [email protected] or by post addressed to Mid West National Road Design Office, Lissanalta House, Dooradoyle, Limerick V94 H5RR up until 07 December 2021.  

More info: 

Under the Government’s Project Ireland 2040 strategy the National Development Plan 2021-2030 identifies the N21 Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale bypasses as national road projects to be progressed subject to further climate and environmental assessment and financial approvals.  The National Planning Framework recognises the importance of large towns such as Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale in providing employment and functional roles much greater than their population scale.  The Atlantic Economic Corridor (Kerry to Donegal) has the potential to act as a key enabler for the regional growth objectives of the National Planning Framework. The improvement of regional connectivity, linking together the major urban areas to allow the Atlantic Economic Corridor to achieve its potential, is a major priority. 

The N21 forms a vital Strategic Corridor Link between the South-West and Mid-West Regions of Ireland. The proposed N21 Newcastle West and N21 Abbeyfeale Road Schemes will significantly improve transport connectivity and provide more efficient access to other strategic national roads such as the N23 and N22 to the south and the M20, N18/M18, M7 and N24 to the north and east. 

Details of the options are available HERE and HERE

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