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Interview with Niamh Webb O Rourke of ‘Love Life’ Blog

Niamh Webb O Rourke of ‘Love Life’ Blog. Picture: Adam Coleman / ThisBoyKnows

Interview with Niamh Webb O Rourke of ‘Love Life’ Blog

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Eimear Kelly

Limerick lady, Niamh Webb O Rourke, set up her blog ‘Love Life’ at the end of 2014 and has come an incredibly long way since. She has since been nominated as one of Ireland’s Top 30 Fashion Bloggers by RSVP, named as one of the “10 Stylish Girls to follow on Instagram” by Independent Style and was one of the official Fashion Bloggers for Brown Thomas Ireland’s A/W Launch. She has also worked closely with huge brands such as Public Desire, PrettyLittleThing, Primark and L’Oreal.






Niamh has built a strong following in the past 3 years, with over 18,500 likes on her Facebook page and over 42,000 Instagram followers. Niamh has a very down to earth attitude and a unique sense of style which sets her apart from other bloggers. ‘Love Life’ blog is dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and travel.

I recently interviewed Niamh in relation to her gorgeous style and ever-growing, popular blog ‘Love Life’, as well as the blogging industry in general.

What made you want to start a blog and what is the reason behind the name you chose for it?

There was no real reason for me starting my blog. I just absolutely adore fashion and styling up clothes in different ways so I think that along with my love for writing and English lead me to create Love Life. Why is it called Love Life – I was very inspired by Donal Walsh’s “Live Life” Campaign which began before I started my blog so I wanted something that wasn’t sticking me to a niche area but also gave me the flexibility to develop my blog down the line so that is how “Love Life” came about.

You have a unique style. Who/what inspires your style?

Awh thank you very much! Everything inspires me, watching tv, reading books, people watching, other bloggers, magazines, everything and anything really! I mainly just wear clothes I am comfortable in and clothes that I feel very “ME” in and that is what inspires my style.

What are your wardrobe must-haves and do you have any style tips?

I cannot live without my Old School Vans and a baggy pair of Mom Jeans – they are my daily attire. I think when it comes to style tips, they are different for everyone! What I will say is for people to wear what they want! Don’t feel like you have to follow the crowd, be your unique, wonderful self. Once you wear something that is very you and you are comfortable in, your confidence and personality automatically grows!

Where are your favourite places to shop in Limerick?

Like everyone else, I love Penneys in Limerick City. Other than that, Zara in the Crescent and Brown Thomas are my go-to stores.

There’s a lot of controversy within the blogging/influencer community lately in relation to photoshopping images. Is it important to you to portray yourself as being authentic?

Yes, it is very important to me to be authentic. I don’t ever want to be compared to someone else or some other blogger because all I am ever being is me. I think the whole photoshopping business is just rubbish – you’re portraying a false image of what you actually look like, you don’t need to catfish people. Of course, throw a few filters on an image to change to the colour tones, or brighten up a photo if you find it’s too dark but don’t go to the extremity of making yourself unrecognisable – it’s not healthy and it is too dangerous to portray it as the “it” image to the youth of today. As “bloggers” or people with a large following we should be encouraging them to be their unique selves – be a unicorn!

Niamh Webb O Rourke

Niamh Webb O Rourke pictured in January. Picture: Adam Coleman / ThisBoyKnows

The blogging/influencer community is growing daily. How do you stay relevant in such an over-populated community?

I think being yourself is key! It’s your unique point – people are either going to hate you or love you regardless so you may as well be yourself instead of trying to mimic others!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?

Literally every time I am asked this question I forget, haha. Mainly Megan Ellaby and her sister Faye. I think bloggers Olivia&Alice are amazing and SunBeamsJess is my ultimate fav!

What opportunities has blogging created for you?

It has created some amazing opportunities for me but I am not really into the glamour and travel of it all. I love blogging from my home here in Limerick but I have had some INCREDIBLE opportunities like going to London with L’Oreal to be the face of their Colorista Campaign, flew to Manchester to shoot with MissyEmpire and also was the Irish Primark Blogger at the Primark X Disneyland Paris Trip in November – that was a pinch me moment.

Blogging is more challenging than many people think. Where do you find inspiration for your writing and how do you stay motivated to blog?

Currently, I am in the biggest blogging block so I don’t know am I the best person to answer this but I always only write or blog when I am feeling inspired or have something on my mind or else I will only create a load of rubbish! There are days where I would prefer to stay in my dressing gown rather than dress up to take an outfit post and recently I have decided to embrace those days instead of stress over them – we all need a day off now and again!

What are your hopes for the future- personally, professionally and for your blog?

To be honest, I have no idea where my blog will go, I just kind of “go with the flow” of it. I never want to set my expectations too high because you can very easily be knocked back so, for now, I will continue to wing my way forward. Personally, I just hope I can continue to be myself in a world constantly trying to change you!


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