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Novas Initiatives is a voluntary agency that works with single adults, families and children who are disadvantaged and socially excluded, primarily those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. Novas clients include many who are not served by mainstream services and are excluded from existing voluntary agencies. They start where others stop.

Novas Initiatives has become one of Ireland’s main providers of services to adults who are homeless. Their client groups are among those most disadvantaged in society and include many who are not served by mainstream services and often are excluded even from existing voluntary services. They encourage clients to aspire to a better quality of life. They provide them with social, educational and employment skills which will enable them to sustain independent living on a long-term basis. Novas also offer out-reach support to those who have moved on from their services to assist them with tenancy sustainment and social inclusion.

Their Head office is based at McGarry House, 7 Alphonsus Street, Limerick City and governance is through a Board of Directors who are unpaid for their work and who are elected at the AGM. Their Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board and ensures that their decisions are implemented. Novas are funded by the HSE, Dept. of the Environment and the relevant Local Authorities. They are compliant with all obligations required by Common Law and other relevant legislation. Currently, they have 150 employees. Financial, audit, human resources, equality and diversity, health and safety policies and procedure apply in all aspects of their services and administration.

Novas is a voluntary, not for profit, organization. As a relatively new agency they need funds to ensure they continue to develop services that improve the lives of many marginalized people. They value your support. Donations of at least €250 qualify for tax relief.

For more Information on Novas Initiatives check out their website here!

Novas Initiative

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