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Olivia Beck is a qualified nutritionist operating in Limerick Olivia Beck is a qualified nutritionist operating in Limerick


Why I Love my Job by Olivia Beck, MSc Nutritionist



Olivia Beck is a qualified nutritionist operating in Limerick

Why I Love my Job by Olivia Beck, MSc Nutritionist

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Ann Mc Donald

olivia beck Olivia provides her clients with tailored plans to suit their lifestyles and needs

Olivia provides her clients with tailored plans to suit their lifestyles and needs




Olivia Beck was born in South Africa and is a qualified nutritionist. She currently runs her practice and divides her time between helping clients at her clinic and working with Companies on Corporate Wellbeing. She has also lectured for the College of Naturopathic Medicine for three years and has completed an MSc in Advanced Nutrition. She uses functional medicine practice to give her clients the tools they need to help themselves, such as diet plans, supplement recommendations, and recipes. She tailors everyone’s plan to suit their needs and lifestyle.

Can you tell us a little about your childhood?

I was born in South Africa and grew up there. It was just my brother and I and we moved a lot, but we mostly lived by the sea which was lovely.

Is nutrition something that you’ve always been interested in?

I’ve always loved food, so in that way, yes. I really became interested in nutrition when I became a mum. I wanted to learn how best to nourish my family and l liked the idea of helping others too.

What led you to become a nutritionist?

I was a stay-at-home mum for a few years but wanted to go back to work. I decided I wanted a change in career and always wanted to work for myself. So to me, combining my love of food and people seemed like the perfect choice. 

Tell me about your job and what you love most about it?

I have been running a busy practice since 2014, where I offer a variety of packages to both individuals and companies. Since completing my Masters, I am focusing on the area of weight loss for individuals who need to lose weight for medical reasons or want to build lean muscle mass and feel as well as look their best. My new Time to Thrive Programme is a 6-week online programme that is customised to meet the goals of each individual.

What I love most about my job is that I can help people reach the goals in whatever stage of life they are in.

What have been the greatest challenges in your career?

Running my own business while trying to find a work-life balance.

Are there any work achievements are you particularly proud of?

I am always authentic in what I do and have been able to work with people in supporting them in achieving their goals. I have also grown a business from nothing into a business that I am very proud of.

What can people do if they don’t have a great relationship with food?

There’s so much conflicting information out there, I would suggest disengaging from any media if it’s making you feel overwhelmed and confused. There is help out there, don’t be afraid to ask. Find someone who you trust and who can give you a sustainable plan that suits your own needs.

Who would be your greatest inspirations both in work and life?

My clients inspire me every day by their willingness to allow me to help them to achieve their goals. My family offer me unconditional support to go after my dreams and realise my potential (even when my dreams are a bit out there!)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 

I will continue to keep to date with nutrition evidence and expand my knowledge and expertise while working in my practice. My kids are big into sport and I am hoping to work with their clubs in a voluntary capacity, to help them understand the importance of Nutrition, so I will see how that goes and where that takes me.

What do you love most about Limerick?

First of all, the people in Limerick are so friendly, and businesses are fantastic at supporting each other. I love the buzz around the City Centre, the cafés and the bridges with the beautiful setting of King John’s Castle. I often do the 3 bridges walk and it’s so different than my upbringing in South Africa. I really do love living here!

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