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Open House Limerick 2021 Open House Limerick 2021


Open House Limerick 2021 focuses on ‘Architecture is Reconnecting’



Open House Limerick 2021 is celebrating its 10th year in Limerick with the theme ‘Architecture is Reconnecting’ for their popular festival for architecture, including ‘The Tait Tour.’ Picture by True Media

Open House Limerick 2021 focuses on ‘Architecture is Reconnecting’

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Ann Mc Donald





Open House Limerick 2021

The ‘Ringmoylan, Where Land Meets Sea’ walk will begin at Ringmoylan Pier, and participants will see the ancient and ongoing culture and built heritage in this part of the Shannon Estuary.

Open House Limerick 2021 is celebrating its 10th year in Limerick with the theme ‘Architecture is Reconnecting’ for their popular festival for architecture. 


The theme was chosen in recognition of the isolation people have faced over the past year due to Covid-19. Open House Limerick 2021 will be bringing people together by reconnecting them to their city through their built heritage and local contemporary architecture, and by highlighting lesser-known well-designed areas in their area.


All events part of this festival, which will be free of charge, will be either outdoors, online, or self-guided due to government health and safety guidelines. To reduce the number of people gathered to allow for social distancing, the events will take place over a number of weeks, with the events starting during Heritage Week, which will run from Saturday, August 14 to Sunday, August 22.


The opening Open House Limerick event, which is funded by the Heritage Council, is a commissioned animated historical trail of Limerick entrepreneur Peter Tait, which is written and performed by award-winning playwright and director Ann Blake, in collaboration with historian and author of ‘A Stitch In Time – A History of Limerick’s Clothing Factory,’ Sharon Slater.


The piece, called ‘The Tait Trail,’ will be performed on the Streets of Limerick on Friday, August 20 at 1.30pm. It will start at Arthur’s Quay, and Tait, played by Ann Blake, will bring the audience on a journey of locations marking important points in Tait’s life, legacy, and infamy. 


Tickets for the event are free, and the event will be filmed and made available for viewing on the Open House Limerick website during the Open House Limerick weekend, Friday, October 29 – Sunday, October 31. 


Another event will be a self-guided looped walk at Ringmoylan, ‘Where Land Meets Sea.’ The walk will begin at Ringmoylan Pier, and participants will see the ancient and ongoing culture and built heritage in this part of the Shannon Estuary. 


The guided route includes highlights such as Ringmoylan Pier, the 19th Century Embankment and Land Reclamation programme and views of both Canon Island and Wallers Island.


A PDF, which will be available soon, will map out the area and route, highlighting key stops along the way, as well as providing background information of the stops.


A self-guided walking tour of distinguished villas will also be available to participate in. The tour begins at the Salesians School, Fernbank, North Circular Road, and will focus on the high number of surviving 19th-century villas along the North Circular Road. These large houses were built for the merchant and professional classes and reflect the prosperous economy of Limerick in the 19th century.


A PDF is available to download, which includes a map and further information on the buildings, as well as photographs of them.


The ‘Distinguished Villas’ walk will be on Wednesday, August 18 at 7pm.


Open House Limerick would like participants to note that all premises on the tour are private, and there is no permission to enter the grounds or buildings. 


Open House was first established in London in 1992 to show first-rate architecture to the general public, stirring interest for urban built heritage. Limerick is a member organisation of the Open House Worldwide Family which also includes London, New York, Helsinki, Melbourne, Slovenia, Barcelona, and Dublin.


Open House Limerick has also announced their new project, ‘A Pavilion for Limerick,’ which will be made to provide a space for reconnection. Architects from all over Ireland are encouraged to submit their expressions of interest to design the pavilion, and the successful design will be installed in Limerick in Summer 2022.


To submit your interest in the project, send your CV along with a 150-word statement expressing your interest in the project along with 3 examples of built work to Open House Limerick. The deadline for this is Sunday, September 5.


Projects for the festival have been funded by the Heritage Council, Limerick Culture and Arts Office, Limerick City and County Council, Arts Council Ireland, and Roadstone.


To submit your interest for ‘A Pavilion for Limerick, email


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Richard is a presenter, producer, songwriter and actor. He was named the Limerick Person of the Year (2011) and won an online award at the Metro Éireann Media and Multicultural Awards (2011) for promoting multi-culturalism online. Richard says that the concept is very much a community driven project that aims to document life in Limerick. So, that in 20 years time people can look back and remember the events that were making the headlines.