Orla Daly the Lady behind DalyFashionFix

Orla Daly Fashion Fix

Orla Daly, the woman behind the website dalyfashionfix.com which tells women all across the globe the latest news and tips for all things fashion.

Orla studied a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate at Limerick Institute of Technology. She moved to London and started working in Real Estate. She then got her first job in marketing and has been doing so ever since. The skills that Orla Daly learned in online marketing and web development environment helped her considerably when it came to input into building up her own website.

Orla’s blog dalyfashionfix is primarily fashion based but she is increasingly blogging about beauty too. As well as posting fashion pictures, she also has beauty posts where she discusses topics like hair, skincare, makeup and nails.

When it comes to inspiration to creating the blog, Orla explained that she has ‘always loved all things fashion’. “As for beauty, I have always been interested in this too, if you look and feel your best, your fashion choices look even better.” She added.

A few months later, she took the plunge to build her blog. She started with some fashion posts on her personal Instagram page to test the response which she said was positive. “I started to build the website itself (www.dalyfashionfix.com) and got a graphic designer to work on my logo. I gave him a pencil sketch of the silhouette that you now see in the logo, and I asked him to incorporate this into the Daly Fashion Fix logo.”

Trying to find motivation to maintain the blog comes easy to Orla, “Shopping online and reading fashion and beauty articles is not a chore for me, I love it. There are lots of different styles out there and not everyone will like my style but I feel like there are lots of people who will. Those are the people I want to reach, and share my tips and finds with them.”

 Orla’s blogging highlights have been when Macy’s New York commented on her tweet about my Steve Madden over-the-knee high boots and when TV personality Deric O’Hartigan (voted most stylish man at Goss.ie awards) shared a link to her blog. She is also delighted that Daly Fashion Fix’s Facebook Page has reach over 1,000 likes and continues to climb.

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