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Sundays Child Theatre presents Overshadowed at Belltable Theatre

Sundays Child Theatre presents Overshadowed at Belltable Theatre on Saturday, October 8 at 8pm. Tickets are €16/€14.

Sundays Child is an Irish new writing company run by Eva O’Connor and Hildegard Ryan. They have won various awards for their work including the NSDF Best Emerging Artist Award 2012, the First Fortnight Award 2014, an Argus Angel Award at the Brighton Fringe 2015 and the Fishamble Award for Best New Writing at the Dublin Fringe 2015 for Overshadowed.

The protagonist in Overshadowed, Imogene, is a sparkling, vivacious and outgoing individual. She had a full figure, a busy love life. Over time Imogene comes face-to-face with Caol, who is invisible to everyone else but Imogene. Caol will not rest until Imogene has been reduced both emotionally and physically to a shadow of her former self.

Over time, this takes a toll on Imogene as she becomes withdrawn, gaunt, and obsessed with exercise.



In Overshadowed, Caol (meaning narrow in Irish) is a demonic, manipulative presence with a dangerously powerful hold over Imogene. By physicalising anorexia the audience are presented with a visual manifestation Imogene’s battle with her demons, and are able to see the devastating mental and physical effects the condition can have on the sufferer and their loved one.

This moving and insightful piece by award winning company Sunday’s Child aims to provoke compassion and debate around the subject of eating disorders.

Having battled with an eating disorder in her earlier years, Overshadowed is the culmination of writer and performer Eva O’Connor’s long-seated ambition to create work around the subject. Eating disorders are sorely misunderstood – much like depression, they are seen to be a personal failing of the sufferer rather than an illness which strikes indiscriminately. Through the character of Caol, the personification of anorexia, Eva wished to create a clear distinction between the sufferer of the eating disorder and the condition itself.

To book ticket visit Lime Tree Theatre’s Website or call 061 953400

Wheelchair spaces can only be booked over the phone.

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