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Limerick Composer Paddy Mulcahy Reaches 1 Million Spotify Plays

Limerick composer Paddy Mulcahy is seeing clear signs of success in his creative direction after it was confirmed that he has received over one million Spotify plays on one of his solo piano composition.  

Mulcahy has expressed his delight over the success of his ambient score Waltz Sketches, which was released in March 2016. This follows the composer’s national recognition when the Irish Times selected his latest LP The Words She Said as Album of the Week in March just passed. 

Waltz Sketches, a short tune that has undoubtedly garnered popularity for its raw production quality, was one of Paddy’s first musical emblems in his search for a distinct, neo-classical outfit. 

“There seems to be a genuine interest from people since changing from the more electronic stuff. The emotion in this music is more accessible and direct, which naturally would resonate with people more than dance-floor orientated stuff.” 


However, he added, he feels that the market for this modern classical style has potential to grow, as it is still at its youngest stages in Ireland. The Words She Said is a confident affirmation of his desired style, rather than a nervous experiment. And this time, there is a striking melange of raw recordings and his experience with polished mastering. This has allowed him to call his sixth release his “first real album”.  

Paddy is also looking to press at least 200 vinyl copies of the acclaimed release, through a crowdfunding campaign.  

“As opposed to the traditional method of pressing a 12-inch record – where the artist/label fronts the money for production – my ‘funding’ campaign offers the chance for people to pre-order a copy of the record and once the goal of 200 pre-orders is met – then the order goes through and the records are pressed,” he added.  

Paddy Mulcahy is a Clare based musician who lives and writes in Lahinch Co. Clare. He is heavily interested in community music and in the last few years ran the local music youth project in North Clare and was awarded volunteer of the year in 2008 by the Clare Youth Service for his work. 

He has also been awarded a masters Ethnomusicology from the Irish World Music Academy at the University of Limerick and subsequently released 2 albums mixing Irish and Kurdish music which he toured all over  Ireland and Europe with the group “NoLand Folk”. 

While promoting the new album with a physical release, Paddy is also working on an electronic EP, solely consisting of synthesiser soundscapes, which will be released in late 2017.

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