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Paul Dunworth EP ‘Echoes’ evokes tales of love, loss and overcoming tragedy



Paul Dunworth EP and new single ‘The Secrets of Imagination’  is available now.

Paul Dunworth EP ‘Echoes’ evokes tales of love, loss and overcoming tragedy

By I Love Limerick correspondent David Towey


Paul Dunworth EP

Paul is a singer-songwriter from Newcastle West.

Paul Dunworth is a singer-songwriter from Newcastle West, Co. Limerick who has just released his new EP ‘Echoes’ and it is available on Bandcamp and YouTube.

The video for his song ‘The Secrets of Imagination’ from his newest EP. The 5 track Paul Dunworth EP evokes tales of love, loss and overcoming tragedy in life. The songs are layered to convey dreamlike imagery delving from the subconscious mind. Paul’s unique method of music artistry leads us to a personal space of his memories of past events, weaving together words and sounds to create his unique blend of modern folk expression.

The new Paul Dunworth EP is written and produced by the man himself making it a more intimate look into Paul’s thoughts and expressions that he is conveying to the listener in each song. The Drum Fills and Percussion Arrangements on the album are supplied by Boris Baumeister from Belfort in France, along with Mixing and Mastering by Brian Casey Wavefield Studios from County Cork.

Paul has one of the most powerful voices on the Irish contemporary folk scene and his vocal sound instils a raw passion that echoes as the title suggests and compliments his magical melodic guitar accompaniments.  Paul has been a professional Guitarist for over 20 years, Paul dedicated his self-learning to master styles such as Blues, Rock, Acoustic, and Folk.

Having studied music at the London Guitar Tech, Paul has shown that he is a versatile guitarist, comfortable performing in multiple genres and this is a time for distilling those diverse influences into something very personal and closer to home. Paul, who is based in the counties of Cork and Limerick, performs as a solo acoustic performer and collaborates with other musicians for his works, Preachin’ Blues, and classical wedding functions throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Paul released his previous EP ‘Through A Forest’ in 2019 and it was met with very positive and favourable reviews, Paul said he believed “that he’s really found his sound” with that previous EP. had their say commenting that, “His gritty vocal delivery cuts through the layered folk instrumentation naturally, embedding itself immediately in the listener’s ear.”

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