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Ed Daly opens Red River Studio Ed Daly opens Red River Studio


Trainer Ed Daly opens Red River Studio



Red River Studio is a new physical fitness business opened at the Cahill May Roberts warehouse on Bank Place.
“Whoever you are” says trainer Ed, “if you feel fitter, then you feel better”, this seems to encapsulate the drive and ethos behind Red River Studio which is a new urban training studio based in the heart of the city on Bank Place. The studio is based in the Cahill May Roberts warehouse beside The Granary and its location adds to the overall basic and simple approach to training in Red River Studio.
Ed Daly, whose background in sports training comes with having worked with Munster Rugby, with squads and individuals from varied sporting backgrounds, both amateur  and professional including running, rugby, hurling, cycling, camogie, handball and many more.
“I’m aiming to get people to train smarter in a shorter time frame, like before work, during their lunch break or before they head home in the evenings. I think its a myth that you have to spend hours training to get results. If you eat well, train smart, then I think this is the formula for getting fitter and feeling better”. The studio itself has a real urban feel, a business like feel that you’ll sweat, you’ll cry but at the end of the sessions (not classes!!), you will genuinely feel like you have achieved a goal.
Ed looks for regular feedback and testimonials about his results and he firmly believes that results confirm he is on the right track in his training methods. “keep it simple and explain why you are doing a certain exercise, makes the whole session have a focus. The emails I get back from people after the session really helps me structure the sessions that any group will attend in the future”.
He currently has 16 scheduled sessions which focus on body weight, free weights and a mix of training techniques. He feels there is no magic bullet to getting fitter, its about training with a focus and with a coach whose equally motivated as you to get you results. He also offers one to one sessions and semi private sessions at Red River Studio and I think he is going to be around for a long time facilitating people to get fitter and feel better.”
If you’d like to know more about Red River Studio find them on Facebook here!

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