Rediscovering Limerick #2 – Sylvester O’Halloran

Rediscovering Limerick



Rediscovering Limerick #2 – Sylvester O’Halloran


Here at I Love Limerick we are proud to present the second episode of our new web series that delves into the fascinating history of Limerick and its people. ‘Rediscovering Limerick’ is collaboration between Limerick’s Life and I Love Limerick that will help you uncover the many tales that truly define Limerick as a city and this week, Limerick historian Sharon Slater takes a look at the life of Limerickman Sylvester O’Halloran who was a renowned surgeon and the pioneer of the modern cataract operation. His passionate commitment to education, research and surgical skills marked him out from his contemporaries. In 1750 he published A New Treatise on Glaucoma, or Cataract in Ireland. He also published in 1765 the valuable New Method of Amputation. Not only was he a master surgeon, but he was also an avid historian and patriot, writing A History of Ireland in 1774, this book however was not published until 1804, and was met with disdain from those who believed the details it contained on the Anglo-Irish ascendancy should have remained unrecorded.


Rediscovering Limerick is researched, written and presented by Sharon Slater of Limerick’s Life.

Shot/Directed: Seán Wrenn –
Producer: Richard Lynch –



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