Rediscovering Limerick #6 – A Trip into Limerick’s Past





Rediscovering Limerick #6 – A Trip into Limerick’s Past


Here at I Love Limerick we are proud to present the sixth episode of our new web series that delves into the fascinating history past of Limerick and its people. ‘Rediscovering Limerick’ is collaboration between Limerick’s Life and I Love Limerick that will help you uncover the many tales that truly define Limerick as a city.


This week, Limerick historian Sharon Slater takes a trip into Limerick’s past including one of Limerick’s world record breakers, a historical innovator and stories behind some impressive buildings which we walk past on a daily basis. This includes some of those who sourced the building materials, the “Sandcot Men”, who plied their trade along the Abbey and Shannon Rivers for generations. We visit one the oldest graveyards in the city at St. Mary’s Cathedral as well as Mount Saint Lawrence, and speak about a few of the eternal residents. Additionally, in this video we discover a hidden gem, a Prince.


Rediscovering Limerick is researched, written and presented by Sharon Slater of Limerick’s Life

Shot/Directed: Seán Wrenn

Producer: Richard Lynch




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