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How Reward Catering’s Food Trucks can Help Limerick Businesses to Thrive



Reward Catering Food Trucks are the leading food trucks and catering trailers manufacturer in Limerick

How Reward Catering’s Food Trucks can Help Limerick Businesses to Thrive

Do you ever wonder what else you can do to help your food business thrive? Reward Catering has helped many entrepreneurs to stay competitive in the market, including the local Limerick, 5-star hotel Adare Manor as well as The Green Onion Cafe on Rutland Street. So who are Reward Catering and what can they do to help your business?

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Adare Manor Hotel, Co.Limerick




Reward Catering are food truck and trailer manufacture specialists based in their local Limerick food truck manufacturing warehouse. The company’s mission is to empower established businesses as well as first-time entrepreneurs by providing custom-made mobile catering units. The company has supplied purpose-built catering trailers to renowned brands such as Insomnia, Bewley’s Ireland, EL&N London as well as units for Bank of Ireland and Vodafone for experiential marketing on rental basis. Griolladh – the newly launched toastie sandwich food truck chain is also one of their well-known clients!


Reward Caterings Food Trucks

EL&N London.

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Insomnia at Mayfield service station, Co. Kildare.

Why do big brands choose Reward Catering?

The company offers a one stop solution for clients from manufacturing to fitting of internal equipment. All of the trailers are built from scratch and are centered around a classic-style vehicle or trailer appearance. The most popular model from Reward Catering is the iconic, all chrome, American-styled Airstream Catering Trailer which is known around the globe.

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Vodafone, Experiential Campaign

What do they specialise in?

Reward Catering Food Trucks are made with extensive experience in building airstream catering trailers, gin bars, mobile cocktail bars, coffee trailers, prosecco bars, pizza food trailers as well as corporate branded mobile kitchens. The company also supplies catering equipment for food trucks.

Who have they worked with in the past?

Reward Catering has a diverse list of clients and have been working on various projects. These include working with start-ups like Griolladh and Lean Green Machine, family businesses like Mullens Takeaway at Dundalk, restaurants like Michael Angelo’s from Donegal, hotels such as the Montenotte Hotel and Inchydoney Lodge and Spa from Cork. Since their client base is so broad, they have accumulated a wide range of mobile unit projects in their portfolio. The projects consist of fish and chip trailers, ice cream trailers, donut and coffee trailers, grilled sandwich trailers, wood-fired pizza trailers, Thai food kitchen trailers, cocktail trailers, wedding catering trailers and more!

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Skog Haus Coffee, Seattle, USA

Why Reward Catering Food Trucks?

‘We have seen an increasing popularity of mobile catering units in Ireland within the last few years and especially now during the Covid-19 crisis. Our clients often reach out to us in search of a solution to stay competitive in the current climate. With mobile trailers and food trucks our clients were able to trade during restrictions, like Redmond’s Pub.

Other enquiries include people with a passion for food who would like to launch their own business. Mobile units are very affordable compared to traditional brick and mortar rentals.

We have seen outstandingly creative projects and great success from our start-up clients and are absolutely delighted to see them thrive!’

Of course, there are many other reasons for fastly growing demand for food trucks in Ireland.

For Restaurants and Pubs

– Food trailers are a free mobile moving advertisement! You can easily increase your brand’s exposure when you are driving around to different locations.  Essentially, you are spreading awareness wherever you go and you are increasing chances of people coming back to your restaurant for their next meal!

– You can implement an outdoor dining experience outside of your pub or restaurant and serve directly from your trailer.

– Food trucks involve a low initial investment and are highly profitable when based in a good location.

– You can attend local events, fairs, markets and advertise your food business there. You can give people free samples of your food and sell your meals on the go.

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Osmington Bay, UK.

For Hotels and Hostels

With a catering unit, you will be able to expand your hotel menu as well as be more experimental. You can better appeal to the tastes of children who usually visit with their parents.

It’s a great wedding catering addition. With an airstream trailer you can offer a beautiful looking prosecco bar to your customers as well as serve warm gourmet dishes. Airstream trailers look elegant and make a perfect backdrop for wedding photography.

A food truck can bring you another stream of income. Many hotels park their trailer at their front gate and serve meals and beverages to their local community.

A bespoke vintage trailer can help you trend on social media. People love taking photos of and in front of aesthetically pleasing objects. The iconic Airstream trailer cannot go unnoticed and will be shared by your visitors on social media.

Food Trucks are multifunctional and flexible and you can change their purpose depending on the season.

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Radisson Blu Hotel, Sligo.

For Start-ups

Food trucks require low initial investment and involve low risk.

As a start-up the ability to change location is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and build a customer base in various areas.

Don’t underestimate a cool-looking food truck design! Vibrant colours and eye-catching signs cannot be overlooked and will get traction on social media.

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Lean Green Machine Aughrim, Co. Wicklow

For Small Businesses

Food trucks are an affordable way to expand your business’ locations. Reach your customers in new locations which were out of your reach before.

Expand your offerings and add new items to your current menu.

Reward Caterings Food Trucks

Wicklow Wok, Co. Wicklow

Non-food businesses

Non-food businesses can also benefit from hiring one of the catering units for an events campaign. With the plethora of advertising bombarding us everywhere, a mobile unit with your brand’s logo will not go unnoticed.

Why should you consider experiential advertising?

– Provide a multi-sensory experience and imprint on audiences’ memory.

– Trend on social media by providing a unique experience.

– Provide an incentive for passers-by in a form of refreshments to visit their nearby store

– Draw attention to new product launches or new store openings.

– Position themselves as ambassadors of important social causes.

– Fundraising for charitable causes.

How can Reward Catering help you?

The company can advise you on the best suited unit for your project and technical aspects that are crucial for its functionality. For start-ups, Reward Catering has a guide you can access on their site on ‘How to get started with your food truck business’ which you can find on their website.

What do people say about Reward Catering?

‘The great people from Reward Catering are making a dream come true! Amazing Wicklow company delivering right on time!’- Lean Green Machine

‘Reward Catering customised the trailer to suit our needs and delivered the product on time. Our customers love the beautiful trailer and take selfies and photos with it in the background! Our I Scream Donut logo looks great on the steel surface.’ – I Scream Donut

‘It was our dream to open up a food business for a long time. In 2020 we finally launched our street-food venture with the help from Reward Catering. They provided us with a one-stop solution so we didn’t need to worry about sourcing internal equipment ourselves. Reward Catering team was very helpful and made sure that the trailer was customised to our needs. We are very happy to now be serving real street food to our community in Wicklow. The trailer looks great and attracts a lot of customers to our business.’ The Big Boys

‘Thank you for our lovely mobile coffee shop that you built so beautifully! We can’t wait to bring it to our community!’ – SKOG HAUS Coffee Company

Follow them on instagram @rewardcatering and facebook @rewardcatering to keep up with company updates.

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Reward Catering Food Trucks

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