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WATCH 8-year-old Rhys Scanlon starts a YouTube channel to keep spirits up during lockdown

Rhys Scanlon pictured above loves to entertain

WATCH 8-year-old Rhys Scanlon starts a YouTube channel to keep spirits up during lockdown

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy



Rhys Scanlon

Rhys has a great love for reading, music, drama, and sport

During the first lockdown in March 8-year-old Rhys Scanlon began a YouTube channel to entertain other children and help keep their spirits up without school.

Rhys attends Manister National School in Springlodge, Manister, Co Limerick. He has a great love for reading, music, drama, and sport and decided to take this passion and turn it into something everyone could enjoy.

Rhys has a strong passion for reading books where the proceeds go to different children’s charities like books by award-winning author Benji Bennet and recently has begun enjoying books by Ray Flannery and Moany McMoan where proceeds go to the Little Blue Heroes Foundation which grants the wishes of children to become Honorary Gardaí.

On his YouTube channel, Rhys reads a story a day for children and sometimes even reads poetry so that adults can enjoy it as well. His YouTube channel has racked up over 20,000 views and has already gained 112 subscribers and he has been lucky enough to be featured on, which is a website created by American author Kenn Nesbitt.

The website was created as a fun place for kids to go to read poetry, watch poetry videos, to play games, and to learn lessons on poetry. One of Rhy’s poems has already reached 12k viewers thanks to the help of the website.

Rhys has gone above and beyond in his venture to make lockdown that little bit easier for everyone and has even created a character called Johnny, who hails from Kerry. He writes his own scripts and puts together stories about Muckross Farm. There is nothing that this young entertainer cannot do.

Recently, Rhys has even taken to playing his mandolin in his videos to add even more entertainment to his already brilliant videos. He has also designed his own little Christmas bookmark which he launched a few days ago and is now for sale on his Instagram @rhysscanlonastoryaday.

Rhys is lucky to have the support of both his parents and his school teacher Mr. Musgrave who all continue to encourage Rhys to enjoy reading and to share his love of reading with everyone and to make everyone else’s days that little bit more enjoyable.

We at I Love Limerick are impressed by this young boy’s initiative and are excited to see what he has in store for us next!


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